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    - "VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!"View
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    - "Change my profile picture read the message and pass it on"View
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    - "How is everyone enjoying this new layout ?"View
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    - "@cmack112 whatchu do for your birthday ?"View
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    - "Check out PB HASSAN on LIVE!!!! 7:00PM (CST) & 5:00PM (PST) (1) Hour show of PB HASSAN’s NEW music..{I will ALSO be the DJ}. Thanks for riding with me.”HOT!!!hOT!!! FIRE!!! FIRE!! FIRE!!!"View
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    - "Wow! Its been a minute! ***Music professional, Onyx ‘Queen of Killeen,’ releases the first mobile app that allows users to rate & review networking events in Entertainment. MC Registry (Music Conference […]"View
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    - "I just want to say that I ❤that @BowWow joint, #Yeah The youngin has #another one (in my DJ Khaled voice). #salute #oneent #Mrs.#1"View
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    - "[J.O.D BEATZ Remix ] 40 yrs Later HALLOWEEN Theme song Instrumental John Carpenter."View
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    - "I do music and I was born to do just that u digggg"View
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    - "Happy belated birthday to me… 47 yrs old…."View
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    - "Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while. I was making something great for you guys and guess what?! That greatness is here!! I need all 53,000 members to click and support the link i will be listing below. My […]"View
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    - "Download one of the hottest mixtapes on the streetz right now!!! “Million Dollar Word Play” on"View
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    - "Soul singer Latasha Lee is back with new single “That’s What it is”.LaTasha Lee “That’s What it is” Is one of the tunes off the new album ” I Wanna Groove” coming soon. This song sings about sharing the dance […]"View