Check out new music from Dondria aka PHATPHATT feat. Bow Wow – ” Boy Stop “. Hit up your local radio station and request this new joint. “I need everybody to report to the dance floor”


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  1. congrats jd on your success & accomplishments. ive followed your whole carreer. BK, all day, twice on sundayyyyyyyyys……

  2. I love it but I’m ready for those ballads 🙂

  3. hot!

  4. I Digs it!….It got that Tho back flav to it…..DONDRIA is def someone I will watch out for in ’09 ( if you read this D….get @ me if your looking for a fresh young>>> [email protected])

  5. So…I was thinking for the video dondria could wear those pants like the chick in the original video had on w/ the horizontal black and white stripes and the teased hair and the earrings w/ the glasses and the turtleneck… and then bow could do the whole 80’s track suit thing…. and then there could be some crazi hot fire 80’s dance break sequence…..oh…my b…my b…i got a lil too into it…. lol 🙂

  6. I think that Dondria can make anything sound good because her vocal abilities are out of this world.

  7. Song is ok!!!
    but the best is Bow Wow part!!!
    Dondria is great!!!
    luv it!

  8. This one is gonna be a hit,thats 4 sure,this song is realy a club,car,feeling good song.

    love it.

  9. This one is gonna be a hit,thats 4 sure,this song is realy a club,car,feeling good ,song.

    love it.

  10. COSIGN!!! This was cool for the Disney channel or something.
    I’m still listening to ummm.. Still Be with Me (was that the name?) viz Myspace… pieced together… with JD talking in the middle and all that.

    She doesn’t have to do all ballads… but I am ready for her to bust out and change the game with her voice. No one really sings anymore.

  11. JD you need to let me put together a street team for Dondria. This gorl got talent and it looks like So So Def parent company are not seeing it. Let me help her movement off the internet.

  12. I like the song alot. Got dat old school new school feel…I know Bow the Prince and all but we heard the cocky flow and kinda need more substance…I love his swagger but in my opinion he coulda kept it on the subject and still rocked it wit the old school flow!

  13. She kinda look like a young Whitney in that pic though!

  14. Yo JD when is this track hittin the site??? This joint is Napoleon DYNOMITE!!! Haha. But nah for real doe I need this on my iPod yesterday! Keep doing your thing man, God bless.

  15. Um feelin the old skool touch, B-wizzle got that funk flow going yeah get it son. Hot track here J.D.


  16. OMG!! This is such a fun song. Great Job Phat!

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