Heres a pic of me from last nite at the ACLU of Southern California 2008 Bill of Rights Dinner. The ACLU honored Earvin “Magic” Johnson, David Linde, Betty and Stanley K. Sheinbaum, and myself. Shout to Queen Latifah for presenting me with the “Bill of Rights” award. (First rapper to win this prestigious award)

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  1. Hi JD,

    Congratulations you’re doing it big. It must feel good to see the fruits of your labor.

    Dame Royal.

  2. congrats jd on your success & accomplishments. ive followed your whole carreer. BK, all day, twice on sundayyyyyyyyys……

  3. Congrats & respect brother

  4. You better get your 007 on real quick…what?! Dupri….Jermaine Dupri lol! king you! *bing* 🙂

  5. Its official JD you need to create your own magazine!! I see you lol

  6. Congrads on ur ACLU award JD! Much respect. This blog is mad cool! Holla bac! T!

  7. This is a really nice pic of you.


  8. Before I Bug you about Johnta.
    Omg Congratulations good work always pays off your a good example of that.
    So in the next Johnta video can you just give us fans him previewing his songs also is his cd coming out March 4th I think it should come out on Valentines day that would be a good treat.

  9. congrats JD…ur layin down dat foundation for other young black artists who r trying to make it in da biz…u showin em dat anything is possible, jus gotta work hard for it.

  10. Jermaine,

    Congratuations on your award. Bigger congrats on the good things you are doing to receive such an award. Glad you decided to get your own personal blog.

  11. Queen Latifah is both a great singer and actress, i love this girl.;:”

  12. i like the voice of queen latifah, it has a mellow sounding stuff in it. ,~:

  13. i like Queen Latifah because she is multi-talented, She is a good singer and a good actress too-;-

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