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    - "Everyone welcome my boy @terencequeking to Global 14!!"View
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    - "What’s the word family? I haven’t been on here in years…"View
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    - "i need more white friends on my G14 account"View
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    - "I talk to both of my sons about life and my circumstances frequently. I use my own story to motivate them to be more and to go for their dreams while the are young with no responsibilities. I also try to throw in […]"View
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    - "Hey G14!!! Hope all is well! ❤️❤️"View
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    - "If you’re in the Atlanta area and need a promotional video for your brand, HIT ME UP! I got you!"View
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    - "I just wanna sing"View
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    - "Dam,… finally! The G14 application works on the iPhone,… Geez. Don’t have internet up here in the #caribbean mountains."View
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    - "http://www.CSEnewsNOW.com Check out #CrimeSEENexaminerNewspaper online"View
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    - "VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!"View
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    - "Ziplok – Marijuana Records – [Official Playlist] https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLJljcNvIqLrJYhsZ-ULOryTEH_n7fo8y"View
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    - "Happy Hollidays to y’all Lifers!"View
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    - "Calling all high achievers!! I have an opportunity for you to become part of a successful business mentorship/leadership team operating out of the DC/MD/VA area and all across the country with a turnkey 2-5yr […]"View
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    - "Ok.soooo this is so random…but I needed to tell somebody..lol I feel like I’ve been celibate the whole 2020 and I was thinking about the best sex I ever had.. TMI…look away. I dont know what does it for you […]"View
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