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    - "what happened to this site again!?"View
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    - "Everyone welcome my boy @terencequeking to Global 14!!"View
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    - "i need more white friends on my G14 account"View
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    - "Hey G14!!! Hope all is well! ❤️❤️"View
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    - "Damn I havent Been in here in a minute… However with all these damn notifications im getting for Pump it or Dump it!!! I had to come see whats going on…"View
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    - "VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!"View
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    - "Titanfall is the Halo of this generation for Microsoft I know that statement is bold but Titanfall is a game that has to be played. It is like nothing else you have played before. I don’t even like first […]"View
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    - "Know I flips a zone Long gone Embedded in Chromosome Gettin Money Stackin chips is all a chic really On….. #TunnelVision #MyLaneMyZone #DoItForThaFamBamBihhh #GettinThisMoney https://youtu.be/uqwi-mW0Gds"View
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    - "Happy Hollidays to y’all Lifers!"View
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    - "Film, Television and Media – https://global14.com/groups/film-television-and-media/ Film, television and other media are central to all aspects of contemporary society. An informed knowledge and understanding of […]"View
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    - "Hip Hop Resurrection.com offers an invite to musicians & music pros. We are becoming the leading social entertainment powered by the passion of our fans. Here ( Click Here) you will find music from across all sec […]"View
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    - "Damn I have not logged into this account in years…. What’s up my folks what have I missed."View
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    - "This website is TRASH! lil JD hoodwinked and abandoned ship =)"View