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Symon G. Seyz: Tha Prettiest Rapper Alive (inside joke nothing to do with soulja boy) Although there has been much debate on the subject of who is or who isn’t the King of the rap, Symon G. Seyz isnt worried about all the fuss as to who really lays claim to the title. As a rookie rap star, budding entrepreneur, and young scholar that has just become a 2nd grade teacher after finishing up his last few semesters in college,

Symons experience in the rap game, coupled with his amazing growth as an individual has placed him in a position only a handful of people in this industry reach. Symon is one of the few artist that really isn’t in the game for the money or fame. Symon really loves music and if he had the chance he said he would rap for $20 dollars an hour like it was a good job. “I’ve been doin this rap shit since I was thirteen years old, so I’m not concerned with having to prove myself,” Symon says. “I don’t have to prove anything because my growth as a rapper and as a lyricist can be heard in my music.” Indeed.

With the release of his first solo mix-tape “Hater-Proof” it’s obvious Symon G Seyz is a top-notch emcee whose lyrics and artistic vision tower over the competition. While most unsigned artist try to copy what everybody else is doing, Symon is trying to get people to hear his story. He wants fans to see what else the wonderful word of hip-hop has to offer besides what we hear everyday(dope, shooting, robbing, ect.) Symon wants to speak for the people who went to college; Who better themselves and others. Where is the voice for these individuals in today’s hip-hop scene? Symon wants to be that.

Symon G. Seyz, born Geoffrey K. Davis, Jr., was raised in Indianas west Hammond in a neighborhood called “Hessville”. As a child, the aspiring rapper listened to and idolized early No Limit recording artists like Silkk The Shocker and Mystikal also,2 pac,Nas,Biggie,and Bigg Daddy Kane who he cites as some of his early influences. A few years later, Symon (then called Lil GeeZee) would hear a young up-and-coming rapper who called him self F A B O L O U S and with one listen to that mix-tape would change is flow for the rest of his rap life. In 1999, Symon, along with childhood friends Tigg and Nubian, formed a group named “The Crew”. In the beginning, the group was putting their heads and diligently working together to make music and to put there hood on the map. When the overall vibe of the group began to change directions into a realm that Symon was not willing to go, he set out to make a name for himself as a solo artist.

Symon started to do his own promoting at local parties and clubs. He refused to fit into the norm and decided to take his music in to his own hands. That was the birth of the P.R.A. (Prettiest Rapper Alive) At age seventeen, Symon created his vision with the release of the hood classic mix-tape “Hater-Proof” where he showed that he could hold his own. By compiling the whole CD by himself and showcasing clever wordplay combined with his mature street savvy delivery, he proved to all doubter that his descion to go solo was the correct one. Next on Symon’s agenda was creating his own record label “E-legal Records”, which he runs by himself so he can have the freedom to do what he wants when he wants how he wants. “people are only looking out for them and will hurt your progress if your not in control of your own brand”

Symon is working on a string of free mix-tapes called P.O.W (Power Of Words) Vol.1-3..vol.1 out now hosted by “Dj Dimepiece” DOWLOAD HERE FOR FREE!!!… preparation for his first nationwide release to be titled “P.I.M.P”(Person In Majior Power): The Album”. “Everyday I experience new things, and it’s because of these experiences I can express creatively in my songs”. Symon is a perfectionist in the lab and has never been one to waste time. In fact, he has been known to complete five songs in a day. “I could do an entire album in a week,” he brags. “P.I.M.P” is going to take me a little longer cause I really want to like every song and have all the tracks mesh together like a movie storyboard. I want people to hear my album and feel like they have known me for years but still leave them wanting more. I want people to take a listen and tell a friend about their expirence. Show me some love! I’m Nice!!”

But really… Symon just wants a chance. Approaching “P.I.M.P” with the skills of a scientist, Symon G. Seyz went back to his old mix-tape to touch on the things he feels he could have done better. He is taking “Hater-Proof” and using it as the base for the new projects. With a couple classic tracks from his portfolio, and some new tracks from a long list of producers, there is no doubt this is going be a hot one!!! Symon is here to put an end to most rappers out there rapping about things they do not have and talking about things that they do not do. There is no need for Symon to lie in his raps because everybody can see and feel his verses with clarity when hes around. “I do it real big and just laughs at these niggas tryin’ so hard to get where I have been since the 8th grade.” Symon G. Seyz, and artist destined for the top, leaves all challenges with a simple quote…”Good luck bitches”. Hip-hop needs a Symon but he has no intention on waiting for an invite. .

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“Boy Stop”(Big Boi voice)

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Bishop Noll Ins Hammond Indiana,2001


San Diego State University 5 years B.A eduaction,2006


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