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I am Skeet Rowe. I am everything you think I am, and all that you think I am not. I will not lay claim to my own limitations. Neither will I rest in the limitations of the plane you place upon me. I am powerful, bold, limitless, and fearless. I am an artist. I AM KELVIN ROWE!

I was born February 24, 1981, an only child to my mother in Pensacola Florida. I spent my early childhood years in Bradenton, Florida. Words have always been my life, from the escapades of a Young Ladies Man to the adventures of performing as an Emotional Charged Poet. The glue in my life has always been words, so I am grateful for this gift. There were times when these words were my mother, father, best friend, and only outlet to release. So with that being said, I must thank my 4th Grade Teacher at Daugherty Elementary for sparking the fire that you see today.

As an only child, I had a lot of time to day dream, think, imagine, and create. I became a story teller and that you can also say contributed to me getting into a lot of my trouble. Smile. Now my only desire is to open up my mouth and let these words pour out. And if these words that pour out shall heal, inspire, build, comfort, and spread love, then I have served my purpose.

My life of performing and expressing words started with music. At the age10, my mother and I left the familiar comforts of Bradenton Florida and headed for new surroundings called Atlanta, Ga. and here unknowingly the Artist Skeet Rowe would be birth. Atlanta would introduce me to pivotal friends and sounds of music that gave my writing direction. Influenced heavily by Hip Hop such as Outkast, Goodie Mob, Jim Crow, and the Young Bloodz, I expanded my writing from poetry to hip hop. Their sound broadened my love for words and I could appreciate the infusion of the instrumentals behind the words.

Years later I would strive to expose the world to my presence by appearing on the Music Scene, Acting, and on Poetry Stages everywhere. Landing gigs in “ATL” the movie, acting in Stage Plays in the presence of Robert Townsend, performing on TV shows such as Tommy Ford’s The Artist Talent League- Episode 1, expressing my poetic talent in World Renowned Poetry Houses such as Apache Cafe, Q’s House of Poetry, and Java Monkey, and most importantly becoming a respected Artist in the Atlanta Entertainment Community not just for my love for the art rather my contribution to others.

What resonates with me the most is not the accolades from performing, it’s what I have learned from sharing the stage with legendary Artists such as Hank Stewart, Abyss, Tommy Bottoms, Cola rum, Kevin Spears, Malachi, Haziq Ali, and many others. I have learned that this gift is meant for others, that our purpose is to lift the world, the hurt, the fallen, and the lost. I now see that an Artist only becomes great from the lives that they touch, the hearts that they mend, and the purpose of their voice.

See, I have a love jones for these words. These words let me express myself whether I am right or wrong. It embraces my love, passion, sorrow, anger, and fury no matter how strong. So welcome to the world of Kelvin Rowe!

Kelvin Rowe
Poet, Musician, Actor, and Internet Radio Host
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Favorite Quotations

Does a bear shit in the woods and wipe his ass with a fluffy white rabbit!~unknown

Remember to humble yourself in the midst of a fire or you will never find the door~Kelvin Rowe