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Sem is a singer / songwriter / producer that has gained over a million YouTube hits in only a short period of time. His work consists of original compositions and song covers of popular tracks ranging in genre from classic r&b to popular chart hits.

Sem’s broad skill set, versatility and deep understanding of music has enabled him to write, produce and compose his own original material. This ability to manage his own creations has shaped Sem over the years, and his rise to success has instilled in him a burning desire to progress his music further and to be recognized as a “serious player” in the music industry.

Despite gaining recognition from several multi-platinum selling artists, Sem remains an unsigned artist. Nonetheless, he published a CD on iTunes titled: “My Renditions” which is, as the name implies, a CD with covered tracks. His current project involves independently releasing his first self-written single. This single was produced by InVition Music, a production team that includes Sem and his production partner DiggiDis. InVition Music is still in its infancy, but is fast growing. This small production team supports Sem’s music and produces records for other artists as well.

His musical inspirations include Joe, Boyz II men, Brandy and Brian McKnight. Listening to these R&B greats fuelled Sem’s passion for music and encouraged him to pursue his dream. Sem’s confidence has grown after seeing his YouTube views rise and he continues to receive positive feedback. With hard work Sem now realizes that his dream is within reach regardless of whether or not he secured a record deal.

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