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Titanfall is the Halo of this generation for Microsoft I know that statement is bold but Titanfall is a game that has to be played. It is like nothing else you have played before. I don’t even like first person shooters but I have not been able to put down this game. I kept wondering why is this game so  good?  Then it came to me. It’s th […] View



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I am a music producer. I am a photographer who has been commissioned by PAX and Ice Cube’s Big3 basketball league. I host the podcast SaintelSays, Platonically Kissing and The Daily Dish. I founded,, and Ubiquitous Originality clothing is available exclusively on Amazon. Above all, I am strong believer in manifesting ones own happiness. You can find me on many platforms as: @Saintel

Both Barack Obama the former President of USA and Michel Martelly the Former President of Haiti follow me on Twitter

Favorite Quotations

Actions you do yell, words you speak whisper-by Rubens Saintel