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Portland, Oregon


Biloxi, MS






Just under a year ago, the southern producer and wordsmith, Q.Z., left his hometown in search of inspiration in the Pacific Northwest. He reestablished his idiosyncratic storytelling and lyricism in the great city of Portland, Oregon, which he now calls home. With the most artistic freedom he’s ever had on any other project, Q.Z. finally pulls back the shades and opens up his life to the world. His new artistic hub, coupled with his eccentric vision, helped shape and mold the sound for Q.Z.’s new opus. “Moment of Genius Opus: Part 1” is Q.Z.’s 3rd solo project and it is available now for free on Bandcamp.com and Soundcloud.com. The project is executive produced by CoDa and features a leading single, “Monte’ Carlo,” which has an accompanying video that debuted on YouTube. A new path is being paved with the release of this EP, which looks to reclaim the essence of true artistry and music.
Fans that have downloaded the EP had this to say about it: “I’m more of a musical person but you spit real shit on good music so I’m hooked! #MOG”- Michael
“You got one of the hardest projects out this year #trustory” -Jeffery
“I love this album! It’s a genius production!”- Ben
Label: PackLeader Inc. Artist Name: Q.Z. Tha Leader Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap City Of Origin: Biloxi, MS Current City: Portland, OR Current Single: Monte’ Carlo (Prod.By CoDa) Management and Info: [email protected] Public Relations: [email protected]