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Tips and tricks on how to best use your pressure cooker

Pressure cookers lend a helping hand to many modern homeowners in putting dinner on the table. Despite its popularity, not everyone knows how to most effectively use it. Even the smartest, Best Rated Pressure Cooker, if not used with care and wit, is going to wear out after a short while.

Today, we are showing 3 things you can do to make the most out of your pressure cooker. These guides will not only improve your experience, but also lengthen the cooker’s longevity. Pressure cookers are not cheap, so use it in a way that ensures it lasts. Settle down and read on!

Tip #1: Replace gaskets after three years

The little parts like sealing rings, ventilators, and gaskets are extremely important in ensuring the safe use of pressure cookers. This is because they are the parts that facilitate the steam release process after cooking.

You’ve probably heard the golden rule to never open the lid when the cooker is cooking because that is when pressure is still high. Opening the lid abruptly might lead to an explosion. Hence, you must always let the machine let down pressure by releasing steam through the ventilator. Until then can you safely open the lid.

The rubber sealing ring is important in sealing pressure shut. If the lid is leaked, pressure can escape during build-up and the cooker would never reach the cooking point. Imagine waiting for 2 hours then realizing that your food isn’t cooked at all.

It is recommended to replace these parts every three year, but of course this depends on how frequently you use your pressure cooker. Comparing pressure cookers across different brands, we found that not all brands offer separate purchase of accessories. Hence, before you pay for something, make sure that you can replace the gaskets.

Tip #2: Liquid adjustment

The mechanism behind a pressure cooker is that it cooks with the steam released from the food inside. As a large amount of hot steam is trapped inside a sealed, air-tight environment, pressure builds up and therefore the name “pressure cooker”. However, in order to generate steam, there needs to be liquid. You can’t overstate the importance of liquid for a pressure cooker to cook a delicious meal.

But one thing to keep in mind when cooking with a pressure cooker is that liquid will not evaporate. This is because the lid is closed the entire time, shielding food from direct exposure to the air, thereby allowing food to retain all the nutrients and moist. For this reason, best pressure cookers on the market reviews have advised to reduce the amount of water you would normally put with traditional lid-less, open-air method by 10 to 20 percent to make sure the food won’t come out all soggy.

Tip #3: Clean after use

Always make sure you get rid of all the left-over marks and residuals after cooking. Wash your crock pot by hand under running water and gently rub all the stains. Some brands make the lid detachable so you can easily soak them in water to ensure sanitation. If not, simply rub the lid with a soft towel. Remove all gaskets (if they’re removable) and run them under warm water as well. As much as you are urged to, do not place the pressure cooker in the dishwasher since dishwashers do not offer enough of the delicacy required to preserve the condition of the cooker. Then, leave it to air-dry completely before storing it.

With that, we hope that you’ll safely and enjoyably use your pressure cooker. If this article and the link of best pressure cooker reviews have been helpful, do not forget to share!