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Florida based multi-talented songwriter V Presha got his start in the music business as a DJ, but before long he was releasing his own fun-loving and sexually charged tracks. Merging a hip-hop attitude and club-ready bass with pop production, high-energy singles like “She’s on Me” and “She’s a Freak” made up the backbone of Presha’s discography.
Presha was born Victor Hobbs and started DJ’ing in Jacksonville, Florida when he was still a teenager. His time in the clubs and working nightlife events kept him up to date on musical trends, and he soon began producing music of his own that incorporated elements of R&B, hip-hop, club music, and radio pop. His first songs appeared online in 2011 and 2012, and the nascent songwriter tried on a variety of different styles as he was finding his voice. In 2015 he gained some traction with the single “Pop Bottles,” featuring Kendi and followed it the next year with “She’s a Freak,” his most polished production to date. He would release multiple singles over the next several months before collecting some of his strongest material for 2018’s brief compilation 2-4-2. ~ Fred Thomas

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