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Mister Five O'Clock


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I go by the name of Mister Five O’Clock, I was Born and Raised in Detroit Michigan. I have been producing and recording music since I was a teenager. I am a rapper who sincerely appreciates the art form; I am not a big fan of the accessories that come along with the music industry, even though it’s cool sometimes. I have come a long way from West Side Detroit, I made sure that I kept school as a back up plan, so I went on to get my Masters in Education.

With every song I do, I strive to be as creative as possible, intentionally trying not to deliver like anyone else, even though sometimes I get compared to people in the game because of my voice. I will continue to do music with or without the recognition, at the end of the day it keeps me sane, and it is the one thing no person can take from me. I thank GOD for the talent HE has given me, and I know that some things I say and do are not in HIS image, but HE knows my intentions, and that’s between me and HIM, amen…