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Marcus Devon wright (born July 20 1995) is an African American hiphop artist / producer from Chicago who is known by his professional name MARKISSTHEGOD.
MARKISS is also a former front-man for the group misfits and outcast. As of last year he embarked his own journey of being a solo artist doing countless open mikes to rebuild a fan base that was dedicated to his music alone. It’s wasn’t hard doing so being that his time with his group they did countless shows from 2011 to 2015. From every venue in Chicago such as, reggies rock club, metro, sub-t, Adrianna’s, tonic room, double door etc. Markissthegod has always been a performer he studied the best in his field Markissthegod influences would have to be Kanye west, NAS, jay z James brown and Tory lanes. Markissthegod plans on releasing his first solo project in the first quarter of the year 2016, Giving the world its first look into who Markissthegod is as a artist. Growing up as a kid at only 8 Markissthegod would come up with rhymes and would always be asked to rap. But It wasn’t till Around 15 years of age when Markissthegod saw that he really had talent and could pursue this as a career. his older Cousin MPR (group member of misfits and outcast ) brought him along in the group along with Kevin Kelley also known as onlyonasunday. They begin to record 10 songs a day just to perfect there craft this made making songs in the future the most easy process ever. Over time Markissthegod group gained a lot of respect through out the city which cause them to get attention from different companies but it never went thru. But that never stopped Markissthegod. According to the blog chi city HIP-HOP, “Markissthegod has what it takes to be one of the greats. He can produce, write, and direct his on visuals and has a great business mind. He is involved in every part of his Career and that’s why one day he’ll be on Top”.

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everything happens for a reason