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Lewis Ray is an Atlanta born and bred musician whose music is a personal blend of soul, pop, and r&b which falls in the genre of urban-pop.” My aspiration as an artist is simple; I want my music to touch lives. If it just makes you dance, if it makes you smile, if it makes you feel better, or helps you get through a situation in your life, that’s enough for me.”
Announcing the release of his new single, “Light it up,” Lewis Raye’s hard work over the years has finally borne fruit as he rises to meet the challenges as a recording artist. Many fans and industry insiders, in fact, refer to his sound as fresh mix of “feel good music.” Light it Up is a sultry and seductive mid-tempo single, which represents one of the kaleidoscopic sounds that Raye’s music is all about. You can feel the soul, pop and r&b undertones which characterise the direction Lewis Raye seeks to take his music.
Growing up in a musical family Lewis was influenced from an early age to take the music path. Drawing inspiration from Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Starting Something”, Lewis remembers his early days and the song which ignited his love for music and performing, “Although I grew up in a music family and was singing in church at an early age, Michael Jackson provided that push which made me realize music and performing is what I wanted to do”. His development in music continued throughout his Junior High years as he fought to define his music and find himself. Opting to join the largely female choral at school helped Lewis to develop an appreciation of the various aspects of music which still serve him to this day.
Lewis Raye thrives on being on the go at all times and pours his soul into composing songs, which he likens to writing a story. He puts a lot of energy into his live performances and has a very strong work ethic because he believes in hard work and the rewards it brings. There is a message behind every single one of his songs and he draws inspiration from his faith in God’s plan for his life.
He continues to live his dream and discover life outside the music industry too. His driving force is the desire to create and share great timeless music which will continue to inspire and uplift people for years to come. His definition of success is nothing to do with awards and album sales; he humbly declares “Knowing that one of my songs has had a positive influence on someone’s life is my only definition of success”. His latest single is definitely a sign of things to come from this promising and talented young man. Keep your ears open for Lewis Raye’s Light It Up and you will know exactly what this artist is all about.

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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”
― Henry Ford