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Michael Westbrook Jr. known for his production name King Cash Beatz, he was born September 7th, 1987, in Saint Louis, Missouri. He derived his name from the Streets of Saint Louis as Cash later King was added because he is the oldest son of his mother and Beatz for the musical talent he possesses. Starting as a MC and songwriter in Kansas City, Missouri he fell in love with composing and engineering the arrangement of music from samples to vocals. As he took his talents back to his hometown he motivated his older brother Mark Westbrook aka Majestic to get into the music knowing the background Majestic had as a teenager doing freestyles.

In late 2008 he collaborated with Kalamazoo native Chris Walden aka Chris Heist and later in 2013 they both founded Monsterz Ink Music Group which includes Georgia native De’Vaughn Harrison aka Big Time Beatz and European native Albion Velaj aka Contraban Gotti.

In 2009 he was a nominee for the Saint Louis Traffic Music awards competing against known producers Sag Live, Tar Boy, and Loudie. Since then he and Majestic have traveled to cities like Atlanta, Brooklyn, Bronx, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and Sacramento where native rap artists who heavily influence their sound.