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The Distinction Between VVS1 and VVS2 Diamonds: A Comprehensive Analysis by DIAMOND TRENDS

When selecting the perfect diamond, understanding the intricate nuances of clarity grading becomes paramount. Among the various clarity grades, VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included) diamonds hold a special place, representing a category of exceptional brilliance and rarity. Within this category, two distinct gradings exist VVS1 and VVS2. As a trusted authority in the diamond industry, Diamond Trends delves deeper into the differences and similarities between these two prestigious clarity grades to provide you with expert insights for your diamond selection journey.

A Thorough Examination of VVS1 and VVS2 Diamonds” by GEMS INSIGHT

The World of VVS Diamonds

Before we explore the disparities between VVS1 and VVS2, let us first appreciate the remarkable significance of VVS diamonds. A VVS clarity grade denotes that these precious gemstones have minuscule if any, inclusions visible under 10x magnification. This extraordinary clarity ensures an enchanting display of brilliance and fire, making VVS diamonds highly sought after by discerning connoisseurs and collectors alike.

Understanding VVS1 and VVS2 Diamonds

When comparing VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds, the primary distinguishing factor is their inclusions. VVS1 diamonds are renowned for their exceptional clarity, often exhibiting fewer and less prominent inclusions when compared to VVS2 diamonds. These inclusions are virtually invisible under magnification and can be challenging to detect, even for seasoned gemologists.

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On the other hand, VVS2 diamonds maintain an exceptional level of clarity, but their inclusions may be slightly more visible than those of VVS1 diamonds under 10x magnification. However, it’s important to emphasize that the inclusions in VVS2 diamonds are still incredibly difficult to discern, and these gemstones remain undeniably eye-clean.

Decoding VVS1 vs. VVS2 Diamonds: A Detailed Comparative Study” by PRECIOUS STONE ANALYSIS

Examining the Location of Inclusions

Another intriguing facet to consider is the location of inclusions within VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds. Sometimes, a VVS2 diamond may have negligibly more prominent or darker inclusions than those found in VVS1 diamonds. This subtle difference can be attributed to the specific positioning of the inclusions within each gemstone.

For example, a VVS2 diamond may showcase an inclusion closer to the stone’s center or table, while a VVS1 diamond might have inclusions positioned closer to the edge. These subtle distinctions contribute to the unique character of each diamond and can be taken into account when making a personalized choice based on individual preferences.

The Influence of Price and Rarity

Naturally, the rarity and exceptional clarity of VVS diamonds translate into higher value and demand in the market. When comparing VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds with all other equal factors, VVS1 diamonds are generally priced higher than their VVS2 counterparts. This price disparity, on average, maybe around 10% more for a VVS1 diamond due to its perceived superiority in clarity.

However, it’s crucial to remember that multiple factors, including cut quality, color, shape, and carat weight, influence diamond pricing. Therefore, while clarity plays a pivotal role in a diamond’s value, considering these other factors in conjunction with clarity is essential to make an informed and well-rounded decision.

Beyond the Brilliance: A In-depth Look at VVS1 and VVS2 Diamonds” by LUXE GEM RESEARCH

DIAMONDTRENDS’ Expert Recommendations

As an expert in the diamond industry, Diamond Trends Jewelry recognizes the significance of clarity grading in diamond selection. While VVS diamonds undoubtedly epitomize exceptional beauty, it’s essential to remember that each diamond is a unique masterpiece deserving of individual consideration.

Our professional advice is to prioritize personal preferences and budget when choosing between VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds. Both clarity grades offer extraordinary brilliance and beauty, and the slight differences in inclusions should not overshadow the overall magnificence of these gemstones.

We encourage you to seek diamonds with reputable certifications from esteemed grading laboratories to ensure the utmost confidence in your diamond purchase. A certified VVS diamond from a trusted source, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), assures the authenticity and quality of your treasured gem.


In conclusion, the distinction between VVS1 and VVS2 diamonds lies in the subtle differences in the nature and placement of their inclusions. Both clarity grades, however, represent the epitome of rarity and brilliance in the diamond world. As you embark on your journey to find the perfect diamond, Diamond Trends blog recommends exploring a wide range of options, seeking expert advice, and embracing the inherent uniqueness of each diamond. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, DIAMOND TRENDS is honored to guide you through this enchanting process, helping you discover the exquisite beauty of VVS diamonds that will dazzle and delight you for future generations.