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I am me. One facet few know about me and one i’m willing to post. I been writing poetry for a minute, so I’mma leave y’all wit a sample. SPLENDIDLY U; Forever Fine, can’t get U off of my mind. Absorbed in images of we entwined. Pulsating, titilating, throbbing all of the time. Not amatuer, but fully grown and continuing to pine. Stimulated never negating how much you’re on my mind. Loving each and every part on a level that’s asian art. Wide open in this yard, drooling and breathing hard. Without a care in the world and no disreguard. Touching U from head to toe, attentively watching as U steadily grow. Acknowledging your inner glow, appreciating knowing that which I know. Posted up, one of a kind, anticipating while saying how sublime. Dancing and prancing, aspiring to climb. Moving and doing staying on prime. In despair I whine, forever on 4’s and how U do my spine. There’s nothing more splendid and U did it, with each and every thought i’m short winded. Think about it, then admit it, yeah she’s wit it… PRECIOUS; Like a diamond your light shines bright, shimmering glistening in the dark of night.. Brilliant, polished made just right.. Glowing and knowing specifications are tight. As if to be a jewel, where no price can be assessed. Standing out like a beacon always better than the rest. Now that i’ve confessed no one can attest, what you are to me and that’s the best…. -JAYJJOY- 8/30/09

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A Winner never quits and a quitter never wins.