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The rhyme and rhythm of Daboe’s relaxed rapping style automatically puts you at ease. There is a certain depth and richness of feeling that underlines his laid-back music. You feel like you’re just hanging with a friend, connecting and being real.

Daboe started rapping back in high school, when he and his friend Kenny Wheeler first began free styling on their lunch break. They really enjoyed the fun creativity of it and decided to form the group Ruthless Runts, which has been rapping ever since. He studied briefly at Madison Media College for recording tech, where he gained a variety of skills and built his foundation as a musical artist. He now writes and creates his own music.

His biggest inspiration is his mother, a single mom on drugs raising 4 kids, and yet still able to provide. Similarly, he hopes to inspire others to work hard, never give up, and trust that they can make their dreams happen. He likes bringing stories back into the music to show people that just because they live a hard life doesn’t mean they can’t make it better. He doesn’t plan his work; most of the time it just comes straight from the heart. He writes about the people he knows and the things that he sees and hears.

“My work is unique because I’m talking about the real things, I’m not talking about a make believe story for a paycheck.”Hi Daboe,

Favorite Quotations

“Get off your ass if you plan to be rich”
“Niggas, Never ignorant getting goals accomplished”