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    living the life

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    If you currently use Spotify, which only recently rolled out in the US, or would like to become a user join this group! Let’s share and discuss the music we love most. I know this will be one of the hottest groups […]

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    We Are The Leading Next Generation Of Adult Sites Offering Thousands of Products Whether Male or Female ! Adult sex toys, Adult DVD, Novelties, Lingerie, Shoes, Vegan Products, Costumes and So Much More ! […]

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    our personal thought on the movies being released…Old/New

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    Join if you play any musical Instruments. ask question, give ideas, comments on musicually instruments. post adds on gigs, concerts where you will be playing.
    Remember Keep practicing you will get […]

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    Film, television and other media are central to all aspects of contemporary society. An informed knowledge and understanding of film, television and media provides insight into how we communicate, represent and […]

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    Thank you, again,

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    Thank you for bestowing your time. My name is Robert P Johnson II.

    I am a member of Gobza: http://www.gobza.com/global

    1. Gobza is a new risk-free advertising platform for shoppers, businesses, and […]

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    Solavei offers great mobile service at a great price – UNLIMITED 4G voice, text and data for only $49, or free. You have the opportunity to earn real money when you share Solavei with others.


    I am a […]

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    ~Robert P Johnson II

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    Producers looking for artists, and artists looking for producers.

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