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Dear Lifers, I so much want to love and be apart of your very positive lives… I have over 6,000 friends on here and guess what??.. Only bout 5 of you talk to me! What is up with thaaaaaaat?? I feel so neglected! :/ Hope to hear from you soon. Love, Danika<3 lol View


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R&B Singer Danika Love was born in Chicago, IL, July 28, 1984 Months Earlier, her father had moved to Minneapolis, MN, and later that year relocated his family to the town where she currently resides. Danika Love has been singing and performing for audiences as long as she can remember. One of her earliest memories (at the age of 5) was singing “FAME” in a school talent show, dressed like Minnie Mouse. Growing up in a musically inclined family, Danika Love was exposed to music early, and experienced performing at all types of school, community and church events. Among some of her childhood musical inspirations were: Whitney Houston, brandy, Toni Braxton, Sade, and the late, great Tupac Shakur. Not just because of the way Houston can belt out a tune, or the way “Pac” could command a whole auditorium of people, but because of their abilities to be completely vulnerable and, have fans relate to that. Since then, Danika has wanted to create her own music that genuinely talks to others and inspires them to get through their life experiences. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks”… Having her own share of relationship ups and downs, Danika developed “Streetheart” wondering, “How can we as females, be fully committed to someone who is not fully committed to us in return?” Danika wants to show ladies how to GIVE and the RESPECT and LOVE they deserve, while at the same time showing them how to treat REAL Men. This artist identifies herself as “Miss UpNorth”. Her goals are to represent and support ALL local music/artists in the northern states (which is why she developed “She BAD Ent.”), until the time comes for her to branch out. The “B.A.D.” stands for Beautiful and Driven, but those aren’t the only two words that describes this passionate artist.. Danika’s sassy style, realistic lyrical content, and down to earth spirit, only partially make up this future SUPERSTAR! Heard of people having a Heart of Gold? Well you haven’t seen anything yet… the best is yet to come. Will YOU believe in “LOVE”? <3

Favorite Quotations

“Before U fall for a guy, make sure he’s man enough to catch you” -@HeyKiko

“When the guy U want pushes you away, he’s pointing U in the direction of the man U need” -@HeyKiko

“If you really want 2 know wht you believe, take a look @ the ppl, conditions & situations in ur immediate environment. They are a reflection of your own belief system.” -Iyanla VanZant

“And jussst when you feel your legs giving up on you, know that your destination is literally only 2 blocks away…” -Danika Love

“Forgiveness is key.. When you don’t forgive ppl for their mistakes, you add one more brick to the wall you’r putting up..” -Danika Love

“I don’t have dreams.. I already know I’m “there”. So I make moves humbly and remain patient until the universe catches up with my reality” -Danika Love

“It’s crazy how you complain about, what I pray for each night.” -Danika Love

“Ruler of my QUEEN-DOM, In tune with my INNER-G, and mastering my GODDESS-ISM Everyday! Praises to my creator for being so CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!” -Danika Love