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I havent been on here In so long..but im back Now! View

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    Home of the GR8s!
    Lifers Making an POSITIVE impact around the GLOBE through Music, Fashion, Sports, Television & More! Get Motivated & Inspired Daily to activate the GR8ness in YOU!!

    ”Global GR8ness w/ […]

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    what’s new in the world & on the net @kingdjtricks @tptvexclusives twitter

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    This is a group that will allow us Lifers to give input on the types of songs that we would like to hear in the future from So So Def artist.

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    Here are the requirements to get on Producer Killabeatz mixtape. To get on producer kut rule number 1, you must be rapping or Singing on Producer killabeatz instrumentals. How you can get Producer Killabeatz […]

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    Welcome to Kid Ocean’s G14 Page.One of the main ideas for this group is to get exposure that extends beyond G14. When you post your links, members will give you feedback here at the group, and also on the site […]

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    This group is for all producers and Artists as well to help each other out as one big collab on knowledge and also software/hardware discussions or whatever, U want it i got it then it’s urs so join us for […]

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    Speak on what you please!

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    Tell us what you remember the good, the bad, the ugly anything from TV Shows,Music,Life etc…

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    This group will show you how you can make a great living online very easily using and showing you some of the most unknown but best working ways

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    You looking to Get some Help With your music come in join now!!!!

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    The place where all Lifer’s go to Network such as sharing ideas, business ventures, and getting in touch with other Lifer’s. If you are a Singer,Rapper, Designer, Dj, Poet, Comedian, Actor/Actress, Bloggers, […]

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    This is a group where we talk about the str8 crooked and curves of love relationships and marriage. This group will offer none judgemental and none bias support to all lifers whether you need advice or just […]

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    Strictly on lyrical ability and flat out rhyme skills. Who’s the best that ever did it. F**k the jewels, cars, clothes and all that… Who’s the best Rapper or Rappers(Top 5 Dead or Alive) that ever rocked the mic

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    The name of this group was inspired by my upcoming book entitled ”I Lost My Mind and Found God on The Way There.” However, this group is really just a spot to be inspired and give inspiration and advice to […]

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