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Just because it didn’t work out or happen when you step out by faith, it’s doesn’t mean it’s not gone happen. Continue to pray, away Keep the faith and never give up and if it’s meant to be it will be. Congratulations to the new @SoSoDef Artist @reigntyeler View



Chico Walker


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I don’t play immature, or childish game. Not being real is an turnoff to me. I’m in the process of getting my own business in helping children the way they should be. I have over 18 years of experiences with children of different back ground.

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G.T.G. I’m Becoming A Better Me
Never Give Up, You Can Do It, You Are Worth It.

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Taft High School


I’ve work many places to help my mother out at home. I started working at the age of 11. I sold shopping bags on the Market, help people with there bags, I’ve worked in Babershop sweeping and cleaning hair off customers which I made tip from each customers, and also I got paid from each Barber. I left the barbershop on a good day with at least $100 on a bad day $35 but all was good because it help put food on the table, help with buying my own school clothes so mom wouldn’t have to. I’ve work at an record store selling tapes, records, and cd’s. Those are just some of the few jobs I had as a child. But I worked at places such as, Soap Company, apartment management, Schools, Kroger, Soda Pop Box Company. But the job that I love and was passion about is working with children. Which I did for 18 1/2 at the Boys and Girls Club Of Greater Cincinnati. I volunteer for 2 years with no pay, which I didn’t care about because it was something I wanted to do and fell in love doing it. I started at $4.10 an hour ending with $9.25 in 2012. Although I got paid a low pay I didn’t mine it because  it was my passion and I would have done it for free.