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My mother named me Kevin but they call me Chief. Have ever since ’96, some sh*t just sticks.
I’ve been writing rhymes since I was twelve, but I’ve been in love with Hip Hop since I discovered her beauty in the back of a Buick @7. Her face was one I would never turn away from.
At first, it was the most innocent type of crush. I was only capable of quiet admiration. Stolen glances at what I knew I was destined for. She would be day.
When I mustered up the courage to speak @12 yrs old, it was in the form of my very first verse. A “Weird Al” type of parody entitled “My Stomach’s Playing Tricks On Me” a la The Geto Boys. It sucked, but something had sprouted in the soil.
I fertilized it in a 3piece funk band in junior high. We had a a guitar, a trumpet and me on trombone. We also had no name and one song which,(much to my parents delight) we practiced incessantly.
We eventually split up(lack of drive+lack of talent) and I went off into the great unknown known as Withrow High School. It was there I met another of Camp David’s founding fathers. Along with a cat named D’Adriane we formed short lived rap trio called S.O.H.K.(school of hard knox). When he quit we kept the name.
In the early 2000’s the School instructed fools in the Hip Hop arts on 3 or 4 mixtapes and featured on two original albums; “Cin-City Bloodlines Vol. 1” and “Enter The Zoo” (as part of a clique called The Caged Onez). When these projects completely crashed and burned, discouragement set in, and the School closed for business. Neither one of us stopped writing or rhyming, but the spark was gone.
It was in 2006, after a four year silence that S.O.H.K. made its return. We had a new name, were instilled with a new purpose, Camp David Ent was born! Can the church say Orloff! With the addition of some new talent(Snowball, GDC, Reece Gutta and Dok Strange)and some industry know how, we set out to Dominate The World.
We debuted with our now infamous mixtape “Cybertron” and set about the takeover. Rocking venues around the city and across the river, we made a name as a crew that could pack the house AND blaze the mic! Google us if u like, we’ll wait…………..See, told ya:-)
The Order of The Davidian Sword could not and would not be denied. For you see, It was our destiny. I felt like we were right on the edge of something great…
But destiny had a different plan for me and i had to seek my own path. Walk with me, you may enjoy the journey!

The Chief is wanted for the following crimes: Aggravated assault on the egos of M.C.’s..Trafficking in dope lyrics..Destruction of cordless microphones..Theft of several hearts..Public intoxication and Murder….Cause I stay KILLIN’ EM!!

Favorite Quotations

In four words..My Darth Vader Flow.
I’m an M.C., got a nasty mouth.