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International dj of all events.Back when I was 12 in Brooklyn,New York ,I made what was called paused tapes and sold them to school mates and kids around the way.Shortly after i had two non dj turntables from home systems with no pitch control but I was able to make it work.Over the years I graduated to better turntables til finally techniques upon moving to florida I had to restart the whole dj thing again. I managed to get some parties here and there but when I joined Heavy Sounds the real fun began. I learned a lot from working together with a group of djs even the business end.After everyone went on their own I was still doing my thing weddings,parties, and clubs but i felt restless.I wanted to do more than just one spot. Then I joined (Interscope associated) Insomniac Record Pool which opened the way to new outlets. Insomniac is more than just a record pool they do a lot of worldwide events with all kind of connections on the underground and commercial network. When I did shows for them I networked with other companies which lead to more opportunities djing out of town. I basically marketed myself really hard and kept myself flexible to anything.I am also part of Insomniac Sounds out of the Washington DC area which involves both hip hop and reggae. I try to hit up as much hip hop and dj conferences no matter what .The first time i went to How Can We Be Down Conference in Miami with my heavy sounds members dj Heavy and Duey we slept in a Mazda MPV and grinded it out for food. We shared one ticket and all 3 of us got in.I drove 6 hours to Atlanta to enter a dj battle where the winner dj s across Africa. I won it but the tour got cancelled but i was still was able to make connection to dj up there.If you want something bad enough you have to go for it no matter what it takes. I always tell everyone DONT BE AFRAID TO INVEST IN YOURSELF A message and info to any type of artist: Don t hate, Stay persistant, Keep good company, Read all contracts and make sure you understand whats going on. Always have a back up plan.Make good quality demos.Make sure you have a business relationship with all music outlets before you start dropping your music.For example dont just give a dj your music and expect him to play it if you dont know him. Most dj s wont just play your music just like that. You got to try some things that will motivate him to play it like hit them off with some money as a tip TRUST ME THEY WILL PLAY IT money talks bullsh-t walks (this comes in handy when your out of town)or cross promote your resources wth the dj.Try and participate in as many showcases as you can. Dont get sold a wolf ticket.Thats when someones says they are something that they are not or faking the funk.FOR EXAMPLE I sent a demo of one of my artist to a person who claimed he was the A&R Executive of Jive records.I met him at my cousins wedding in Queens,NY. We spoke about the music industry and he said he was looking for a rapper with a northern flow.After sending him the demo i didnt hear from him for 3 weeks so i called several times and never got him so i left messages. I finally got him using another phone.He told me he was not looking for a dirty south rapper which i found odd because the rapper on the demo was from Brooklyn with a northern flow.When i told him that he had a lost for words and said he had to go.So i did my research and come to find out he worked in the mail room for Jive. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Do your research people.Another thing is look out for companies that claim they are with a major label and charge you to perfom. If a major label want artist they will use their real name and will not charge you to perform. Give new labels a chance.Most people think that if a new label is starting up its wack and wont go anywhere .Wrong This story is depressing but i must tell it so some of you do not make the same mistake. I was with a group it was only 3 of us one of the rappers went back to NY to shop our demo.He called me and we had a conference call all 3 of us on the phone. He said yo there this new label called Bad Boy looking for artist they are taking demos I spoke to this dude name Sean and he said to give him a demo. They just signed some dude name Craige Mack and about take Biggie. We argued about it and came up with the conclusion of not giving him the demo because it was an unknown indie label . WELL YOU SEE HOW THAT WORKED OUT. Here are some sites that can help you. I only list things that I am associated with,attended or participated in or got hired to do. (nationwide college radio promotions), My Site Web Developer:

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