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Dam,… finally! The G14 application works on the iPhone,… Geez. Don’t have internet up here in the #caribbean mountains. View

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    The Pump It!! Or Dump it!! Team would like to welcome all the New People to the Group and those that have submitted your Music…However we have some house Rules:

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    A group which allows Producers/Rappers/Singers/Musicians to share and help spread the word of their individual work. Get more views and comments on your music!

    Producer Page :

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    living the life

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    ®eche®che Acco®d Pa®fait Music Production Duo

    Is looking for artists to listen and or contribute a verse
    on our beats…if ur an up coming artist holla!!

    *If you are a serious artist and confident abo […]

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    This is a group that will allow us Lifers to give input on the types of songs that we would like to hear in the future from So So Def artist.

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    Welcome to Kid Ocean’s G14 Page.One of the main ideas for this group is to get exposure that extends beyond G14. When you post your links, members will give you feedback here at the group, and also on the site […]

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    Think your music is ready for the world to hear, then submit, your song to: [email protected], the realist radio station that recognize talent
    submit your youtube URL […]

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    This group is for people who are really looking for away to make an extra income around what they do for a living, and help others do the same!!! Vitel Wireless will make it possibile!!!!!
    Let Vitel pay your […]

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    This is a place for producers that don’t mind sharing their lil’ secrets. It’s a place where you can share ’’how you make your music’’: software, hardware gear, producing technics, mixing technics etc.

    PLEASE […]

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    The Official group on Global14. We have changed the web with our video chat network. Please join this group to find out about the #1 celebrity video chat community. A place where celebrities chat and […]

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