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Growing up in Baltimore Maryland, otherwise known as “The Home of the Wire” (Terrell Campbell) born July 26, 1986 better known from his stage name “A-Maz-On”, didn’t have too many options as a child in such a violent city. Instead of turning to drugs and gangs A-Maz-On turned to music. It was at the age of 9 when he was exposed to the hip hop culture. It wasn’t till high school at the age of 14 when he decided to further pursue his rap career. Looking up to major artist like Nelly, T.I and Jay-Z, he definitely had positive influences for his career.

He signed with a local label (NEXT LEVEL) in 2005 ran by local DJ K-Swift, less than a week later at age 18, A-Maz-On had his first single out, (Hands Up.) Not long after he featured on a Club Mix song (Crush Em All) with over 500 + spins in Baltimore alone, by then the name A-Maz-On was very well known. But he was not satisfied with being just a local artist. So the starving for success artist then changed production companies. It was then in late 2006 when he signed with (Kal Productions) a week later in Dec 2006 he then came out with his “Hit single” (Pose 4 Da Camera) a hit song that had over 600+ spins in BALTIMORE 300 in D.C and more in other states such as TEXAS,TENNESSEE, FLORIDA, ATL, AND KENTUCKY, A-Maz-On was then labeled Baltimore’s number one most requested artist.

Being well known he then started headlining in Baltimore’s own tour “The Believe Tour” with over 50+ successful explosive performances in 4 months, He then started opening up for artist such as OMARION, LIL MAMA, MARQUES HOUSTON, LIL WAYNE, YOUNG JEEZY, RICH BOY Etc. In February 2007 he then dropped his Mix tape titled “Da Newest Kid on the Block” selling over 15,000 copies in the first week. With his buzz so big in April 2007 major record label “Interscope Records” signed “A-Maz-On“. Not long after he was faced with the harsh realities of the industry. And his deal was handled in the wrong hands, and soon went downhill. But with the experience also came strength and showed him how many other styles of music he could do by working with main stream artist like Sean Kingston, and major producers like Neff-U and Sounds.

By losing his major deal “A-Maz-On” only got hungrier at 20 He then left Baltimore and moved to Missouri to further pursue his rap career. Meeting Derrty DJ Franchise also known as (Mark Marino), he started a new buzz in STL’s clubs all over with his smash hit “Rubberband Poppa” not only getting positive attention from the ladies and men in the city, but also a Major Producer “Tarboy from Track Boys.” After moving back to Baltimore as a “Free Agent” A-Maz-On started his own label called “BiG BaNK Entertainment”. Soon enough he was creating a buzz once again. Now as a young CEO an with a strong team behind him, his eyes is set on becoming one of the world’s most successful entertainers. So all major labels look out for this kid, because he is the future of hip-hop!!

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