With the passing of Kobe Bryant its only right that we remember what joy he bought us… Prayers to his family and rest in peace King.. LIVING THE LIFE (AT THE KOBE CAMP)

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  1. To put it simply, I thoght this movie was outstanding. Which suprised me a little because I had heard A LOT of negative opinions about it, so when I sat down to watch LTL I wasn’t expecting much. This is what I call a story film. A movie made to make you feel and think, and not so much to entertain. I have not read the novel that this movie is based on, Party Girl by Lynne Ewing. So I don’t know if the film is true to it. but to me this movie was so good, i’m not sure it matters. Katrina Gibson, plays fearless and explosive Kata, who believes there is nothing in life beyond the endless cycle of death and retribution that is gang life. Kata has no one in her life that she can count on except for her best Friend Ana(Melinda Prado) who’s gentel yet determined spirit is being crushed by the life, not to mention secrets that she’s keeping even from Kata.

    The story is about the depths that friendship can reach, and what your left with when you lose what matters most. there several stand out perfomances here beyond the two main leads.The beautiful Angela Alvarado plays Pilar, Kata’s emotionally absent mother who’s been sinking in a sea of alcohol and disappointment for years. Abel Soto Plays Pocho who was abandoned by his mother and uses his gang leadership to hide his pain. and Jay Hernandez who plays the gentle and intense Kikicho. Who wants out of the life But desperately wants to be with Kata, she wants him as well but cannot let her guard down.

    Like I said I can’t say enough about it, if you liked Mi Vida Loca this is similar. it’s addictive Needless to say I recommend Living The life as one you’ll want to own.


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