This record feels great. Hopefully this more what Usher does for his new album.

I miss this sound.   Now yall jus need to get one with MC and maybe these

mothafuckas can start sellin some records again!  Classic JD/Bcox let’s go yall

know what this is

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  1. well hey, I been hear about how everybody don’t like all the other songs that were put out for usher.but when this song came out. Everybody just shut up and listened. I like it. it’s a good song and I hope there is more where that came from.

  2. Wonder how it got out…everybody around here KNOWS it didn’t come from you JD so don’t you worry bout that!
    As for the song itself though, I haven’t heard it yet..I bet it’s quality like we always get when you n usher team up.

  3. i read this title and thought it was something else. yeah i saw that it was leaked and i was like oh thats not cool cause i KNOW you didnt do it.

  4. I haven’t heard the song but I’m sure its a nice joint Jermaine. I like most of what you and Usher create since you’ve started working with him. I saw a video the other day from Maxwell about a song he did with MJ that was leaked. He was confused and pissed as to how a radio DJ got it and I don’t blame him. I’m old school, I like to get my music when the artists themselves say its supposed to come out. I don’t understand why folks today can’t be patient with new music anymore…it just baffles me to no end.

  5. I will say I actually heard that song yesterday and was talking to someone about it because its a GREAT song and isnt on the tracklist for the new CD. I’m kinda bummed about that because the way Usher flows with you and B Cox is always an AMAZING sound. Great work once again JD!!

  6. its the say of technology a lot of folks dont even record together no more they dont have that studio magic they just pass around pro tools sessions and with it hitting the net like that leaks just gonna happen. now i will say its a leaky faucet somewhere in usher camp cause this is what like the 5 or 6th song to leak. but i will say this is the best i heard so far

  7. Well, Mister…you are between a rock and a hard place with regards to the leaks. I understand why yll dont like it, but it is the name of the game as the industry stands now. We want our music instantly and much like our food consumuption we want loads of it, now. FOOD FOR THOUGHT..THINK OF IT LIKE THIS…Lil Wayne is notorious for giving us heaping helping of “his music (mixtapes).” The average fan doesnt care that he didnot pay for those tracks…they are just “full, fat, and happy” to receive “new music” from him.
    I say all of that to say…even though Lil Waynes last solo project was leaked a few weeks to a week before its release date. It still went on to do record numbers. In my opinion, that was because the general public ( those that are not bloggers and music minded technies) were distracted while digesting all of his mixtapes. In other words, they werent starving with downloading desperations for the then forthcoming album. ( Note: No Ceilings….The Rebirth)
    Think about putting out a Usher Mixtatpe…his verus on “Invented Sex” was a conversation piece. Maybe is that we will help distract and feed us while y’ll perfect the records for the album!


  9. Jd i follow LTL everyday and i am from sweden/stockholm… I was looking around and read this kid that has a music blog, and this is what he sad about this song…Usher – Foolin’ Around

    This is R&B at its best!! “Foolin’ Around” is my favorite leak so far from Usher’s upcoming album “Raymond vs. Raymond”, which is without a doubt one my most anticipated albums in 2010… Production comes from Jermaine Dupri & B.Cox… Already got about 10 spins in a row here, so check it out NOW!!!!

    His web page is

    When are u guys comming to sweden?

  10. I never really got a understanding on how Records Leak and how they even get in the hands of other ppl! Ridiculous….n this shit is only happening with Hip Hop & R&B Artist

  11. I heard the song and loved it and will still support ursh when he drops the whole album! I think he’s extremely talented as are everyone that’s involved with his music!

    But please explain how folks get the tracks to leak… Its crazy.

  12. Hey JD!
    At first I have to tell you that I am a really big Usher fan and watching his steps. This is one of the best songs he created for his new album. I wished I first heard it, when I bought the CD, but whatever.
    I just have to take my hat off for this record, because this is the kind of music that I was waiting for so long. Please go back in the studio with Ush. I know he is workin with some good producer like PollowDaDon or Dre & Vidal, but your and Cox are the best for him. You, Johnta, Cox and Usher need to go back to Vegas or even ATL, get back in the studio and help greating another classic Usher Album. You guys match perfectly, so this is the best workin team in black music ive seen.
    Ok, that enough commendation… 😉
    You need to find out HOW THE SONG COULD GET LEAKED! I dont know about all your songs, but it is a lot usher songs in the last time that have been leaked. I spoke with some Usher Fans and they are the same oppinion… somebody must be fired. Please tell Usher about how his fans think, because a lot of usher fans think like that. That is a big problem that he and Jonetta need to fix.

    Please make more such great Usher Records.
    Thanks for all the good work you, cox, johnta, ush and your whole team do!

    Greets from over the sea 😉

  13. Come on son you know yall intentionally put it out…. They doing that Polow “Love in the Club” move!!! Come on son……. They need to leak it so I will know if dude still got it. This is just a new way of marketing that record companies are doing before they get fully behind a record. This is the same reason why people don’t get signed anymore before they build their own fan base. So you can’t say you don’t like leaks when you signed Dondra after watching her build her fan base on youtube…What’s the difference. Everybody is just trying to minimize their risk of losing money.


  14. I Love the new Usher Record.. Shame It Leaked but.. I’ve had break up and a connect with it!!!!

    ‘Cutter Off’ is my favorite record.. the melody got my straight away, Also love the joint with T.I.

    Usher, grab you best songs from this album, add some newer hotter one’s too.. “And Let Us Buy It!!”
    You can up this with JD.. DO IT GUYS =)

    Love to JD, Producer i love within the industry.


  15. I haven’t heard it and I’m glad I haven’t, so when the album come out I can enjoy it and not be like i’ve heard this already. I’m going to get Usher’s album regardless. I am a huge supporter of artist that actually have talent. I’ve been a fan of Usher since I was 15!

  16. 100000% what Taronda says!!!!!


  17. @SPOCK…I highly doubt that Jermaine and the crew leaked it. STOP INSINUATING!
    As for the track, I heard it yesterday after someone sent it to Bryan on Twittter. He seemed really pissed about it, so I couldn’t even tweet him to tell him I liked the song!
    I do really love the song. It gave me Confessions vibes…and that’s a good thing. Listened to it about 15 times yesterday.
    BTW, isn’t it the song recorded in this LTL video?

    U know u r a TRUE LIFER when u can easily remember, identify & search 4 the recording of a song amongst the ‘Living the Life’ videos.

  18. sorry i listened lol im sooo anxious!!!!! USHER is sweetness to my ears he never left but its just exciting to hear new shit from him 🙂

  19. @Ewurafua That was the good old vegas time, the ocean5 were just founded. LOVE THESE EPISODES OF LTL… !!!!


  20. I listened to the track yesterday. Yeah y’all need to link back on Usher’s new CD. I miss that JD & Usher sound.

  21. wat up jd i think that f uped i havent listen 2 the song! It goes bac 2 the covo u had last month about y urban artist music leak! i think its said! music industry and how music is being delivered is not the same anymore! when u leak songs sometimes u kill the anticipation the excitement. A lot of money goes into wat u guys do and for it to come out that way the improper way is so uncool!

  22. i agree i hate when music is leaked, it sucks for people who put they heart in to their work and then the record label gives it away for free to the public. I love the song by the way. My mom is a huge usher fan and she was so happy to hear the song. i think its a hit and should be a single even though it leaked

  23. @Ewurafua And I guess Polow didn’t leak “Love in the club” either huh? And I guess before he leaked it the label didn’t want it to be the first single huh? And I guess after he leaked it they didn’t have a choice huh? And I guess I wasn’t at V-103 the night Greg played that song 10 times in a row and LA REID called into the station HUH?

    Get the [email protected]#$ out of here son!!! Do your research… Look up Shakespear, the nigga that produced no scubs by TLC…He tried to do a Usher record and they sent it to radio and the song got no response, Reid changed songs QUICK!!! Next thing you know NEPTUNES was in the mix…


  24. sorry it leaked…but I heard it and it’s definitely hot. the new ‘Burn’ f’sho

  25. I don’t feel the need to preface my comments with the fact that JD from my 1 year in the A still run shit (What happened to the billboard?)That being said….it’s hot…not y’all best….but nostalgic Usher….I’m not so much feeling the chant/spoken part or the (repeated chord pattern) Very user friendly almost teeny bopperish though… Jermaine remix it…did I see you out and about today 1/6/2010 getting low in a drop….

  26. Yeah man real talk J!

    I´m a big Usher Fan and every song is getting leaked thats kinda´sad….hmmm well but Usher is definetly back on his ish with that one and hey daddy and stay down and i just heared that ohh my gosh wich sounds like an Usher version of boom boom pow …But i like that fooling around so much everyone who is a true Usher fan got that Confessions feeling if he/she is listening to that one keep it up lets show them who the true King of R´n´B is ….cant wait for that Album keep it coming with that songs like foolin around cause this is true R´n´b and songs like ohh my gosh or more are cool but we all know that this are mainstream songs -commercial purpose you dig ?! 🙂
    so yálready

    is ypur boy…

  27. *That BCox – JD Joints for Usher are crazzyyyyy…


  29. Well, first let me say that I just heard the track and yall [email protected] are STILL the f ing truth! As far as the fact that the track being leaked, that sucks but this could be the leak that creates that old Usher type of album buzz!!!!! You guys know how to make records that are very true to almost every guy!

  30. u better call a plumber!! b/c theres a big leak on ushers new album! its a shame but music is gonna get leaked…

  31. This song is buzzing like mad, release it ASAP

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