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  1. Hot song every song on the mixtape will be hot. Each song so far posted was great.

  2. On my birthday I come to global and hear this shit. Yall Just don’t get!!!

    This is average to say the least, Johnta had good delivery and overall I can hear him growning as an artist, but this song AINT IT!!

    I still got Rick Ross in my changer…If Wayne is the bar for rappers, then Ross is the bar for hip hop right now…Nothing about this song is new, original or ground breaking. Yall better push Swagg ASAP…

    JD you might want to concentrate more on Dondria, you have a hit artist in the wings wanting and you are making this????? Kandi said something about this!!!



  3. Loved it… The best song I think so far!!!!

  4. @Spock lmao, You are crazy!! Happy Birthday Day…

    I wanna hear the Usher, Songz, and Johnta song damn it!!! Put some of that same energy into Dondria that you are into this mixtape. She ain’t no kid so don’t market her to them teeny bops either..

  5. I like the song. SPOCK i hear ya. JD, can’t wait to buy the mixtape.

  6. Yo JD fuck the haters. When niggas was out her saying wayne shit was sounding gay, them same niggas is gobbling his balls now. This shit is hot to me. My only request is can the nigga johnta get a album!!!!! Man yall keep doing what yall doing. At least yall aint out slangin dope, and dump niggas up here making stupid ass hating comments. “VEGAS BABY”

  7. You guys are the bomb!

  8. Spock…..Haaaapy Birrrrrthday 2 ya,, Haaaapy birrthday 2 ya, Haaaaapppppyyyy birrrrrthhhhday! AND MANY MORE!!!!!

    JD, I counldn’t agree more……with Spock!! If you haven’t been listening to him, please start today and make it all our birthdays with that present. Put that one on the shelf baby-boi, cause I can’t take it….all that talent in 1 room and that’s what you came up with.
    The track is hott, but yall aint laying no pipes with that energy. I’m new to Johnta’s sound and must agree again… From what I heard I think he is building more character in delivery of vocals.

    Shalla Thangs G-Bups,

  9. This is the motherfucking shit. LOL!!! I know Dondria was like “I know Johnta didn’t call my name”. LMAO!!!! That nigga Johnta is the realist nigga on the internet. LOL!!! Y’all niggas was definitely fuck with that Jack when you recorded this shit. LOL!!!





  12. No one else has got the skills that have been exibited on this track. Keep doin what U do. Very, very, hot and spicy. Always FLAWLESS

  13. I liked it! Original no…but hot nonetheless. Happy B-day Spock! Taurus all day, everyday! Have a blessed and prosperous year!

  14. I loved it. I agree with those who said f the haters. Cause that’s their job…to hate. I feel like if they don’t like what the Oceans are doing, why are they all up and through global14. The little red X in the top right hand corner still works…click it and get gone! Thank ya. Cannot wait for this to drop as well as Trey’s “Ready,” Johnta’s “Love, Sex and Religion,” and Dondria’s “Dondria vs Phatfffat.” Keep up the good work, JD, B. Cox, Trey, Johnta, Usher, Nelly & InTY!

  15. Beat is knockin…it was koo…Johnta is retarted!! lmao…i dont think yall understand what type of energy yall bringing to the game. Yall inspiring people all over the world and leading right now gota respect it. Niggas is hatin through the comments but what are they doing? what are they contributing? Oceans 7 all day!!!! Like Johnta said u dnt like it? get a number and wait in line. Lets g0!!!



  16. Beat is knockin! is wuz koo….Johnta is a straight Foo! lmao. still waitin on that crazy ballad wit Johnta Trey and usher. i dont think yall understand the energy yall bringing to the game. Yall inspiring niggas all ova the world. F*ck the haters! what are they doin? what are they contributing? Oceans 7 ALL DAY! LETS GO!

  17. i like it str8 haters/what his name spock aint nothing but a hater

  18. That was that fire, you guys as a team is awesome, thank you so much for the good music you have been put out there. These young cats need to take note of what you do and ask for pointers in order for them to be as successful as you and your team.

  19. I’m not feeling this song too much. Maybe it’s because the concept of “owing” a dude sex is hard for me to wrap my mind around. I liked Johnta’s part, though.

    Spock, do me a favor. You’re always one to offer “constructive criticism” to JD and sometimes your correct (but if you throw enough darts eventually you’ll hit your target). I think I remember seeing something posted here about a group that you have dealings with, Concrete boyz or something like that. I’d like you to post a video or track from these dudes so some Lifers can offer you some “constructive criticism” as well. If them dudes aren’t about anything… well then I think you may hold off on being JD’s motivation and concentrate on yourself. If you got something going… feel free to continue…

  20. It’s pretty good. It’s nothing great like some of you all are saying, but nonetheless, good song. But I’m pretty intrigue on their mixtape. Hopefully, it will be good since the cast consists of good/great artists.

  21. JD forget them negativity pushers. This is the Joint special shout out to the Homeboy Nelly!!!! and another to the lil guy Tremaine!!!

  22. Mo Green killed it like alwayz , stl stand up….. Songz did his thang…… Johnta lol i kno u wasn’t talkin bout Phatt Fatt …. were u ????? lol he called dem out …. SUM BODY STOP DES MEN ….. OCEAN’S ALL DAY

  23. This song is fireeeee.

  24. damn my two fav. dOod on
    the same song!!! mmm…yummy!
    LOL but yeah i Will be bumpin this
    mixtape once it’s out…
    and i like this song, it’s cool
    for a lil cruise!

    o yeah!
    happy birthday to
    the man w/ lots
    of opinions!!! hahaha
    happy birthday man…

  25. JD, u know i luv you but not sure on this track. I wish the synthesized beat was not so heavy…i can’t hear the sexy ocean boyz lyrics, i had to play it twice to get it all. JD i barely hear you. BCox had the best levels. I’ll be at the front of the line for the mixtape, but this is not one of my favs. I’m not a hater, just a girl who knows what she likes and how she likes it! All that talent on this project is gonna blow the roof off in Vegas baby!

  26. I like this song. Especially my hubby trey songz part. Cant wait for the mixtape to drop. I know its gon be da truth FOLLOW ME @ http://www.twitter.com/moneice317

  27. I like Johnta’s part on this one. The arrogance fits the song lol. Every time i hear b cox on this one I laugh at him in the booth with that drink. Not my favorite but I can’t wait for the mixtape.

  28. JD. Maybe I’m just too old, but if that’s true some of ocean’s is too old too. It’s a male ego trip song understood. But I was turned off the moment I heard bitches still owe me sex. Didn’t you just post a question about R&B and Hip Hop trying to appear harder than they really are? Or was it a post about what happened to the love in black music. Every song ain’t gonna be about romance or come correct. Understood. It’s music so express yourself the way you want. It’s a mixtape too so maybe I shouldn’t take it so seriously. But I’m just thinking if I heard that song playing in a guy’s car as I’m getting in it for our date, I’d get the fuck out. This bitch, as the song would call me, owes no man sex for anything he has now nor in the future. Ladies get your own!

    But the lyrics for the most part are cool. In between the “owe me sex” mess the lyrics just say women shouldn’t have slept on me cause now I’m the shit. Male ego Mike Jones thinking. Understood. So how did you get girls owe you sex from that?

    As far delivery, Trey did his thing best because his flow was seamless. Johnta not so seamless. Felt like he may he fallen out of the pocket in some sections. Nelly was good, but mentioning his beloved deceased sister in a song that says women owe him sex was a bit odd.

    That’s my 2 cent from an older penny perspective.

    this MIGHT have to go on the SPACE!!! cuz right now “TOO MUCH SWAG” is
    riddin out!! CANT WAIT FOR THE MIXTAPE!!

  30. BLAHHH TYPO!!! “SO MUCH SWAGG” i meant lol

  31. I like the song couse its real, its no way any dude out there can say that they don’t feel like theres not at least 1 girl that they think owe them some sex. Keep it 100 yall!

  32. the girls that Johnta called out…can he expound a lil more on them please!!

    like is he talking about Tony Braxton? Christinia Milian or Agularia (sp)?



  34. @Minnie

    I think you are late, I am on here everyday, I have already shared a song called “Hey how you doing” and asked the lifer should I get behind it. Here is the link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kySQc6D91Y I did not personally produce this record but I am going to get behind it just like the lifers suggested. If you want to see what I have done http://cdbaby.com/all/2boldent here you go!!

    I am not trying to use Global 14 as a site to push my music, this is JD’s site for HIS music, I ask the lifers for their opinion and they give it to me. The song Hey how you doing continues to grow and is getting more and more radio play. All I need is one record and that record will come this year, REMEMBER…The most dangerous person in society is the one with nothing to lose. I am at the bottom so I can only go up.

    It is so funny how people think a difference of opinion represents hate. Look around people that is how we as people grow. Are you guys studying Obama or just ignoring him now that he is president. You WANT to surround yourself with people with differences of opinion not just people kissing your ass all the time. This is not JD’s hey day for So So Def like it once was, that nigga is fighting everyday to get his spot back. I respect the grind and respect him as a person, with that in mind the ultimate showing of respect is honestly. The most important factor for any company to be successful is it’s ability to make decision based on correct data.

    What was really the last So So Def project? It was Bow Wow. Bow Wow album was fucked up because nobody told JD that we don’t care if you are back with Bow Wow that’s great but don’t put a song out talking about it as the first single. If I was their I would have told him, “The Pole in the basement” song is the hit, put that out first.. Bow wow album dropped and now what? Bow wow talking about retiring.. BUT NOW they are going to shoot a video for the pole song!!!!

    Look at the comments for the Swagg song, I told the world that that was the song. Look around people they are moving on it. If my ears are wrong tell me I am wrong but since I’ve been on Global I have been right on it. I will not get any respect from yall or JD until I drop a hit record. (Nigga shit, you always got to see shit first) but that’s cool. I’m coming. A haters shoes is too small for my feet. If you think this song is hot, tell JD to put it out as a single and see what happens. It’s cool for a mixtape song, I just expect a lot from a group of guys that have sold over 50 million records collectively with making music as thier full time job!!


  35. Thanks to Alicia Allout, Geegee, MyStiRyGUrL and everybody else that wished me happy birthday. It’s been a great day!! I forgot about Facebook having my birthday on it, everybody has been calling me. This computer stuff is something else.


  36. I like it…it would go into my rotation of music i dance around the house in my beater and shorts and cleaning with 🙂 I just love hearing Nelly on anything. The blend of all of the guys together works.


    Which Kandi said what?

  37. Spock goes hard, one again.

    This song is definately study for my finals.

  38. Okay, So This is What it is, i see people hating and that’s cool everyone has their opinion
    With Sayin That, I Think This Mixtape IS Gonna Be A CLASSIC. This is gonna be like DRAKES SO FAR GONE OR EVEN BETTER. I mean You Guys Have 7 artist in this group Well 8 Cuz I Support BOW on this one. … Each And Everyone of you guys bring something different to the table and it just DAMAGES EVERYONE OF THOSE BEATS U GUYS HOP ON. TO MAKE A CLASSIC PUT TOGETHER

    Good Look
    Ocean’s YUP(Songz Voice)


  39. That shit hot..hands down

  40. Spock… that was straight garbage!!! Somebody done lied to you! I’m going tell you like you told JD “Nothing about this song is new, original or ground breaking.”

    There’s nothing wrong with having differing opinions around you, but you’re giving off a strong whiff of HATE. You stay running your mouth about what he should be doing! As far as I’m concerned, you are in no position to tell one of the greatest producers what his next move should be based on your “expertise.”
    You’re right, you get no respect in this game until you put out a hit record. Let me not even say “A” hit record, put out a fraction of the hits that this man has and then you can talk as much as you do. I went to your site and the music on there was wack too. Don’t get mad I’m just giving you my opinion, I hope my tone isn’t coming off wrong.

    “If I was their I would have told him, “The Pole in the basement” song is the hit, put that out first.. Bow wow album dropped and now what? Bow wow talking about retiring.. BUT NOW they are going to shoot a video for the pole song!!!!” <——————-That sounds like a HATER to me. I’m mean, I don’t know how JD made it all these years without your guidance.

    That’s all got to say about it, until you prove me wrong with one hit record.

  41. *That’s all got I to say about it, until you prove me wrong with one hit.*

  42. Yea so this songs pretty hot. I remember watching the “episod” of LTL when B.Cox and JD was making this beat the whole time wondering, how these niggas gone work this? Lol. But yall worked it out and it goes hard. That’s like the best part from that Jeezy joint, so good look on that. Can’t wait to hear the whole mixtape I’m a lil thirsty low key. Then again this a blog so I guess it ain’t low key. But everybody else thirsty for it too and if you say you’re not you’re lying to yourself and in that case you “owe an apology” to yourself. And if you getting on this blog jus make some bomb ass comments then you “owe a life” to yourself lol. Don’t trip Oceans I’m wit you all the way .

  43. There isn’t really much for me to say cuz I haven’t heard the song, so keep doing what you doin.

    This just leaves more room for good progressive rap/hip hop that I plan on providing the people. So keep up the bullsh*t JD!

    And naw I’m not a hipster, just plain better.

  44. @Minnie
    I agree with you. As far as the Hey how you doing I haven’t spent any money behind it, it’s just taking off by itself. When I first heard it I just said it was different. If it’s wack its wack, I can live with that. We shall see what happens with it.

    But I agree with you again, until I make a hit, I’m just a nigga talking, but I ask you this? How many records do producers put out that they don’t think is a hit? EVERY SONG that JD puts on this site he thinks is a hit or at least has good potential. It takes many hours to put these songs together. With that said, study your history here. In the music business nobody stays on top forever, everybody has their time. B Cox and Johnta GOT SOME PENS. Hands down some of the best writers that have come from Georgia. But who had a Pen Bigger then Lionel Richie back in the day? Now he is getting records written by The Dream for his new album.

    When I got to Atlanta in 94, their was Itchiban, (MC Breed, Kilo, Smurf) laface and So So Def that’s it. I remember a time when everything that had JD’s name on it would go from his studio to full rotation… That is not happening right now..So what happened? I don’t know cause I am on the outside like you are, but I bet it has something to do with a change in the team. Once again you do your research. All I am going to say is that every ocean needs a SEAL and if you don’t have a SEAL out better have some honest mother(*&ers around you. When Swagg blows up who makes the money? JD.. not me. Look at how Barry Gordy picked his songs or the team that Puffy has when they are getting the music together, IT TAKES A TEAM PEOPLE!!

    I use to just say a song was wack; but if I didn’t back it up with the reason why, then that would look like some hatin stuff, so now if I don’t like a song I try to make sure I tell the reason why. All the albums and songs that you see of mine you say is wack and that is cool and I can live with that. What you don’t know is that all them projects that you see represent over 80,000 in sales independently. So I respect your opinion and appreciate it cause I need and want honest people around me at all times but everybody didn’t have to do the independent grind. Being independent all these years has made me mentally stronger. If I just walked into a record deal at 15 years old then I wouldn’t be as mentally prepared as I am now. I wouldn’t have made a 1500 on the SAT and wouldn’t have 3 advanced degrees. The struggle makes your stronger. So what happens when I get that hit? These niggas ain’t ready that’s what. Success is when opportunity meets preparation, you can’t always control the opportunity but you can get yourself prepared for it.

    Kandi Sorry for the confusion, I was talking about Kandi from Exscape which was wrong I should have said Temeka. I forgot JD was hitting Kandi….LOL


  45. The song is good.
    From the beat to the lyrics and the hook.
    I like Nelly, but honestly… (no hate intended) his part was weak, it was boring compared to the rest of the song.
    Overall, a great song minus the last part.

    @Spock- You are the same dude who did not know who DRAKE was.

  46. Theres nothing special in this song…just a song to fill up the mixtape…my opinion

    Happy Birthday Spock


  47. Yo whatup ya’ll Its Johnta’. First off, thanks for the love ya’ll show us on a daily basis. I know everyone has things they have to get done on a daily basis and it means a lot that you check us out consistently the way you do. That being said I think you mean well Spock but because you are on the outside looking in and not immersed in the game the way we are you are inaccurate on some things. The Lionel comment about who’s writing his records is no more proof of a changing of the guard then Dr. Dre allowing producers to be a part of his movement. Being on fire is a good thing but the down side is heat cools off. Consistency is what you youngins should aim for and no one has been more consistent in this game more than JD. I’m not talking about these cats that have a run of 7-10 hot records over a 2 year period and then from there you never hear their names again. I would rather be the guy who puts out 1-3 CONSISTENTLY over a 20+ year period.

    Also, I feel like the way you judge material sometimes is weird. Like the comment “this song is okay for a mixtape”. Guess what?? Its for a MIXTAPE!!! Or “if this is hotter than “So Much Swagg” tell JD to go with this first instead” No one said it was. We are giving everyone samples of what we’re doing on a daily basis as a peek into our world. And believe me this crew knew “So Much Swagg” was hot way before you gave it the thumbs up.

    Don’t get so wrapped up in “is this a single” or “is this the movement” that you leave out the joy of being creative and seeing what you can come up with everyday. I must say that I didn’t really care for the music that was on the links you posted but I will be the first to admit that I don’t like songs like that so maybe my ears are the wrong ears ton hear it. Lastly, I’m not sure if you meant every Ocean needs a “SEAL” as in the animal or the warriors who are a part of the U.S Navy which is what I think of when I see all of the letters capitalized to represent the acronym the Navy has for them. Either way I didn’t get the analogy.

  48. This is a great concept for a song, I’m surprised you didn’t take the Acapella and flip it that way, it sounds good either way. The lyrical content was alright but i think ya’ll could have went harder on the track.


  49. Also, the comment about who’s hitting who is so not about music that you kind of reduced your opinion to the level of gossip which has ZERO to do with music so at the end of the day are you offering constructive criticism or are you more into repeating what you think you know about someone’s personal business. That shit is not stand-up AT ALL!! Even as a joke.

  50. I respect everything you said and I agree with you. I shouldn’t have said the Kandi shit, so I apologize for that one. The Seal shit is talking about Manuel Seal. It’s good for yall to come on here and write on the blogs. You are right JD has been consistent over the years, that is something NOBODY can take for granted. Maybe I am living in the past but Atlanta seems to be slipping away and I think the new beginning has to start with JD at the head of the table, but stay on him and yall work as a team to rebuild this thing, at the end of the day I want to see yall win. I don’t just talk about it, I show my support for every release by making the purchase.


  51. The track is sick, but Nelly’s vocal mix is no polished. I know its a mixtape but thats not his signature sound.

  52. Yea.. this is extra regular, but I guess its somethin to play the background when you headed to the spot with the top down.

    I swear Trey saves yall every time tho

  53. 1st of all the song is nice 4real 4real, hell i still feel like its still niggas that owe me sex, but newho thtat aint the topic. I am a young lady and can understand how some women might not wanna here it, but thats why there is a skip button. And this is a mixtape inwhich some of this is more bout it than the shit the play on the radio and 4real 4real Spock i thought you was about to put some throwed shit on here when you posted the links but i hate to say fam but it was the weaks links. Oceans keep doin whats yall do thats why mofo’s are reading an listin to yall noth tha otha way around. P.S. this song is not half as bad as Webbie Gimmie That and thats my shit 2 this day

  54. Johnta or Swats2812 whatever I agree but it seems like your getting butt hurt why you explaining so much for nothing. Its not that serious. You said its not are business or whatever then why are you telling your business trying to be cool putting different female names in the song of course were going to ask you duh. You could of hit a hot 16 bar with different information. But hey you do you. I love your music but you seem Corney to me or fake not trying to be rude your great guy don’t take this the wrong way its just a opinion not hating. Its just how I see your character in the LTL videos your a follower some one that can be easily influenced or something. I think your EGO speaks lol for you instead of your heart sometimes. And no thats not a complement song of EGO.
    Everyone including Johnta Take this advice.

    We waste so much time in business and in life because we aren’t straight with each other. We don’t say what we mean or ask for what we need for fear of being judged, ridiculed or even fired. It takes courage to speak from your heart and to speak your truth. Let your mouth say what your heart wants to without your brain getting in the way and praise the lord cause he coming for his people.

  55. I like it song. Johnta’s part is sick. lol I can’t believe he named them girls though. BUT I do have one question for Johnta….man, where’s the song about JS’s titties? I’m waiting to put that one on my ipod man. LOL!

  56. @ JD

  57. @360 man you are right I slept on Drake.


  58. I Like the beat…

    i love trey verse….

    but the whole is good

    but the only part i dont like is the “bitches”

    but other wise its fire!!!!

    Okay just have a question…how would you respond to a female version which would be just the hook “the Nigga still owe me sex”
    anyone can respond

    why is it okay for a male artist to sing about bitches still owe me sex..but as soon a female artist comes out with a respond about that nigga stiil owe me sex…

    some folks automatically thinks she a hoe….etc

    Song is fire though

    One Love!!

  59. About the vid you just made….
    How you know eleanor listens to wayne tho??
    Not every woman is made the same.
    The girls at the concert might be a diff breed than the chick on the date
    Why do yall assume every chick listens to degrading music???

    And basically yall are johns buying sex….
    You spend large amounts on lavish things to impress women so that she will fuck.




  61. I love Johnta I swear I do. I think the problem is people dont understand what this whole thing is about. I think its awesome that we get to hear AT LEAST one new song from the Ocean’s every week. It gives me something to look forward to and is playing in the background when i do my homework. I’m on the Dean’s list thanks to the Ocean’s 7!!! lol Anyway, I look at it like this when you are an artist you do shit for the love and not because you wanna get paid or blow up. If you dont practice your craft on a consistent basis you lose it. I write poems and sometimes i have my friends hit me up because i havent posted anything for a while and it reminds me i gotta get back on my job. Thats kinda what us Lifers are to the Ocean’s when we wanna hear somethin they give it to us. Its one of the most interactive communities that I belong to. The mixtape has NEVER been for sale…its just something they are doing. The video is just something they are doing, so I say sit back and enjoy this free ass entertainment during this recession!

    Ok rambling now…time to eat. lol

  62. ii likee dis sonqq alot ; i hadd 2 it twice 2 hear like what yaa was saying tha beat and back was what i was listening 2 most tha first time i heard it.

    Bow wow been said he was retiring he said that a while ago he said he was going to do one more album and that was when marco polo was out.. and he did and he still doin music jus not ALBUMS. factss straight. !

    Wheres Dondriaa?

  63. listen** and spock i heard that song.. and stopped it. lols not hating but i would not put my money towards daht.. srry

  64. i like the song.

  65. Usually, I come on here just to see what’s new with the Oceans besiding watching Livin the Life. But I felt like I needed to say something about some of the comments stated on here and Youtube. I like the song. I wouldnt consider it to be the first song to come off the mixtape but it is something I would ride to in the car.

    I feel like there is a misunderstanding of who the men are in the Oceans Crew. Some of you all believe that because they are celebrities that do not have to right to say anything about other celebrities or people in general. Wrong! Just like you and your friends talk. JD, Johnta, Bryan, Trey, Nelly, Usher and Tyrone have the right to speak their mind about any topic that going on. Please stop overreacting about what they say or do. You have your opinion but keep it positive. You can tell a hater a mile away by the words they use and some yall on here are hating regardless what you say.

    Johnta, i do feel like you feel you need explain your actions to people on here and you really dont. I have noticed you explaining yourself on Youtube and on here. There is no need for that. You know when someone is giving something constructive and when they are not. Dont worry about what anyone has to say….Keep it moving. You got too much to do then to worry about what some hater has to say about your comments, actions and career on LTL or this blog.

    Just wanted to state my opinion…..

  66. No one is a Hater. I see Jermaine deleted my comment I knew it lol. All I said and more he was getting Butt Hurt at the situation of him explaining which was pointless. Then the he gets mad when someone was Question about the females name he mentioned in the song. Writing about his business lol Don’t put your business out their cause you know where going to ask lol. Don’t delete this comment either. By the way people you need to know the difference from a opinion and hating.

  67. lol I see he didn’t delete my comment my bad.

  68. I would like to state something.. that when a person is stating their opinion it does not mean there hating well at least not to me…

    “Some of you all believe that because they are celebrities that do not have to right to say anything about other celebrities or people in general”

    Besides of the Oceans 7 status in life… they are humans and they have opinion jus like every1 else, they can say whatever it is they want to say…

    “Please stop overreacting about what they say or do”

    So i don’t feel anyone is overreacting on what they say or do!!!

    we all are just stating our opinions like you and i have…

    One Love!!

    Continue to Be Blessed Guys!!

  69. @Spock, You keep mentioning your 80,000 in singles sales like that’s a big accomplishment in the world now with internet promotion. One thing I know about the internet is it’s a market for any type of music and the job of someone that’s in the game is to find the market for it. This guy sold 1.4 million singles off this video and a few others.

    Shoes by Kelly


    So you might want to step your game up Spock. LOL!!! You can look the numbers up for that single. He found his market.

    I check your track , you seem to just be copying what other people are doing and hoping to catch the wave of popularity of those type of tracks which is what you did with Crank That Roadrunner. 5 other producers did the same thing with “Crank That” tracks. That’s cool for some quick cash but you can’t build a career off it.

  70. I thought the song was hot , I do think Bow Wow should have been on there. I like the Oceans shit its not like your typical crew yall keep it 100 on everything. Cant wait to get the mixtape so i can ride to it, but its funny when u hear people talking bout how dey bangin rick ross shit and everything about dat nigga is phony I cant listen to a nigga who aint credible!!!!!!

  71. Some of you all misunderstood my comment about hating and opinions. I am not really going to spend a lot of time of this. I will say this. Opinions are when you are giving constructive feedback in regards to a topic. It done in a positive way. Hating is when there is no constructive feedback to your comment. You immediately point out the negative without stating what could be done to make the situation better. And if you have tell people you are not a hater, then more than likely you are…Sorry!

  72. It’s funny how people come on here and try to break down every song. This is entertainment. You either like it or don’t. If you don’t, go find something else to listen to. The Ocean’s sets the bar for swag, period. Sexy and Swaggerific. Keep doing what ya’ll do.

  73. @smoothiam

    Most of them sales were made before the internet. Before the internet if you were independent you had to go from car to car selling CD’s. Out of the whole Oceans crew the only one that knows anything about that is Nelly. When you are independent you have to know how to market, promote, manufacture and everything else. It really prepares you for everything. I know how to put a studio together from start to finish doing all the wiring and midi set up. When you can’t pay for somebody else to do it you have to learn to do it yourself. I am finished here and have said my part. Something I want you to think about.. This guy told me this a long time ago…..YOU CAN LEARN A LOT FROM A DUMMY!!!

    My college professor told me that and took the whole class downtown to talk to some homeless people. Right there on Peachtree ST in front of the underground we were talking to homeless guys and were surprise at how smart they were and how much we could learn from them. Some of them were Doctors!!! The point is, you can’t discredit a person just because of where they are career wise. You can’t say Spock make a hit before you start talking, Spock’s father wasn’t in the game to put me on. But this is what it’s all about. This is family. What family do you know that doesn’t have disagreements? One thing about me is that I am honest and have always kept it real on here. Who knows, maybe somebody somewhere wants honesty and sees the benefits of that.



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