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  1. Tight azz lyrics over some wicked azz drums. Lethal Shit!

  2. What really trips me out about Travis is that he could’ve been dead a few months ago in a plane crash, but he dodged death and now he playin’ da shit out dem drums! Real Talk!

  3. Travis is the truth. Best drummer in the biz

  4. DOPE!

  5. Good to see dude back to doin wat he loves

  6. thats some
    good shit….

  7. Travis is the best at what he does, and ?uestlove is very nice too.

  8. Man, this guy is good. I’ll be keeping an eye on him.

  9. I LOVE travis (pause) His remixes are the business…every. single. one.

    Nice to see him back on the drums.

    BLINK 182 4 LIFE!

  10. akon

  11. first impression **SWEET*** *** NOW THAT THE SH*T*** two thumbs up

  12. TRAVIS is a Beast!! man. I play drums. but he just… kill. he crazy good.

  13. he all in to it dude got skillz

  14. Eminem’s voice is sooo annoying, why must he rap like an Arab on all of his songs. Travis’s remix is hot though…

  15. the remix with that rock edge is the only thing that makes it pop.

  16. Travis is the Lord of the Drums, he is just Nasty with it point blank

  17. Thank God for remixes! Now that’s a remix people. New music and no rap artists features. Oh yeah real musicians!

  18. An receptor for beauty

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