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    Why is it so hard for ppl to be satisfied with one partner? Does everyone have to have someone on the side?

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      SPOTLYTE · 14 minutes ago

      I think people can be satisfied with one partner, if people wait on that connection that paralyze their ability to want nothing other then that person. I think sometimes relationships form out of just meeting and realizing you met a good person. So then dating long term relationship you develop a love for them they develop a love for you and you make commitment moves. But their is a love that can stop you in your tracks and make you not desire nothing other then that person on a spiritual level. They call that Soul Mates, but that energy is not guaranteed to come from both parties, so many times people fall for people that will never fall for them. Their is only a few on earth who equally will have that connection, but those are the ones you will find running on the beach holding hands, that type of love can’t be contained. But love is still better then no love at all, the problem is what if love stops being enough, that is when the war starts. When a person is still looking it is because they internal being wants more, but they realize the person they have is still to good to leave. Look at Amber and Nick, they must have had that connection, because nobody leaves what they have that’s good unless they can get what they want. Problem is what if what they want, wants them back….. Chaos

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    Your business stays yours as long a you keep it to yourself.

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      joyce · 38 minutes ago

      He was doing the damn thing.

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    Thank God for some much needed rest… Praise God for waking me up and SUNSHINE. .

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    Good Afternoon Lifers :-) ….. Today is Gonna be a terrific Tuesday… I’m almost done with another Specfabulous gown and hopefully I’ll be able to at least cut another one….

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     photo IMG_1335_zpsd1a45957.jpg

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      QPid · 1 day, 6 hours ago

      Fresh ain’t cha!

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      SPOTLYTE · 1 day, 1 hour ago

      5 stars

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      joyce · 22 hours, 5 minutes ago

      FOREVER FINE :-)

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      MzSoSoSexii · 21 hours, 55 minutes ago

      YESSSSSS You look REALLY SHARP! I love it

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      KMonroe · 21 hours, 54 minutes ago


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      Xc0c0 i$LanDX · 16 hours, 22 minutes ago

      Nigga how old is dat muthafuccin fruit

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        cynaamonjLTL · 16 hours, 18 minutes ago


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          joyce · 15 hours, 31 minutes ago

          IJS OMG FINE <3

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          Xc0c0 i$LanDX · 8 hours, 8 minutes ago

          U ain’t seen shyt till u seen island n a three piece

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      cynaamonjLTL · 16 hours, 20 minutes ago

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    Jermaine Dupri and Timbaland sure had a lot on their mind when it came to other producers as they were part of the “Congress Of Music” Panel at the Revolt Music Conference this past weekend. From JD and Timbaland speaking on the “worst” trends, producers using the same drums (shots at DJ Mustard?) and The Game speaking on how Dr. Dre always favored 50 Cent‘s opinions and never considered his; it got REAL onstage. G-Eazy also spoke on the Bay area’s sound always being stolen and the incident with Mr. Fab and DJ Mustard. New Electro-R&B artist ASTR, being the only female artist onstage had a few words as well but it was Rico Love who stole the show with his inspiring words on how he’s gotten to where he is by hard work and keeping up with the trends.

    Below you can find 3 parts of the entire conference brought to you by OHH. It was an amazing learning experience and now you all can hear what these entrepreneurs have to say to all upcoming artists in the game! The Game indeed kept the crowd howling as we threw jokes left and right but most importantly, praised Timbaland and JD for their work in the past. Talk about Flashback Friday at the Fountaine Bleu!

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      joyce · 17 hours, 9 minutes ago

      Substance breathes life into what seemingly is dead… Although at times there’s endless hours put into a particular project it fails to capture the audience and doesn’t reflect a good light… It’s like everyone is in some sort of race, but everyone doesn’t measure up and truly can’t run the distance… Quality stands and quantity gets repetitive and lacks luster…

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      Destiny Jones · 13 hours, 32 minutes ago

      I really enjoyed this.

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      SPOTLYTE · 12 hours, 39 minutes ago

      This is good

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      D-Mac · 12 hours, 1 minute ago

      RESPECT THE PROCESS. Spoke volumes. Rico was talkin that shit

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