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MONDAY 10/27

Lets keep it 100
The state of R&B is in really bad shape,most of all the mainstream outlets are now ran by younger people who know very little about true R&B, and don’t really care,this is forcing artist to stop doing what they love,stop writing great songs,stop singing and wanting to be rappers,or at least do rapper like things,
When I post about new music,most of the comments I get are,jd bring back that good shit,instead of all this BS on the radio,
With that being said,All of you that feel this way,all of you that love great music,I ain’t to proud to beg lol,I’m begging you, pls pick up this new JE album,and help us restore the feeling, 10/27


2 Chainz Considering Run for Mayor of College Park, Georgia

2 Chainz for Mayor? Possibly. The rapper says he’s planning to run for the position in his hometown of College Park, Ga.

“I am looking forward to running at the end of this year or next year,” he told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution this week.

Nancy Grace Challenges 2 Chainz to a Pot Debate Rematch

The next mayoral election in College Park is Nov. 3.

Born Tauheed Epps and formerly known as Tity Boi, 2 Chainz first suggested he had his eye on the office while speaking with XXL. He told the website that following his debate with Nancy Grace over marijuana legalization, his fans had been calling for him to run for mayor.

Watch 2 Chainz Battle Nancy Grace in Televised Pot Debate

“I’m a musician, not a politician,” he said. “I’m supposed to be running for mayor in College Park. I got everybody wishing. I’m really gonna do this little mayor thing in College Park. I’m just trying to make sure I have the right qualifications.”

According to the College Park website, those qualifications include being a U.S. citizen, having been a resident of the city for one year at the time one qualifies; being a registered voter at an address within the ward for which one qualifies; and having not been convicted or sentenced for fraudulent violation of election laws, malfeasance in office, a felony involving moral turpitude or, if so, provide verification that one’s rights have been restored.

Up Close With Coinbase Exchange,by John Biggs (@johnbiggs)

It’s been a few days since Coinbase launched its official Exchange, a dashboard for active bitcoin traders that lets you buy and sell based on real-time pricing. I thought I’d sit down and put it through its paces and see just how usable this tool was for the average BTC fan, as well as folks who might want to add BTC to their trading regimen.



To use the service you simply create an account on Coinbase. It should be noted that you have to live in one of the licensed states. It seems Coinbase is rolling out state-by-state for various regulatory reasons, not least being the reticence of state legislatures to weigh in on bitcoin. This should be remedied over the next few weeks but you might be out of luck.

Coinbase told Coindesk, a BTC blog, that “the company had received licenses in 14 US states, as well as indications from eight other states including Massachusetts where such licenses were not required.” This means that this is a legal issue rather than a technical one.

If you’re in the right state, however, sign-up is a breeze. A few confirmations get you access to a screen featuring a price ledger and some handsome, dynamic charts. An order tracker also reminds you how much you paid for bitcoin at various times, a boon for those looking for an investment vehicle.

Once you’re in you’re probably going to want to buy and sell a little. Here’s where things start slowing down. I’m a long-time Coinbaseuser – I’ve had an account since it launched – and usually my bitcoin buys have been seamless and quick.

Now, however, the company is offering a separate USD wallet, essentially a way to fund BTC purchases using the exchange. That is not so quick. If I were a major trader I’d probably want my funding to be a bit smoother, but Coinbase has to be amazingly careful now that it’s touting itself as an exchange.

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 11.04.30 AM

I initiated a transfer from my bank account to Coinbase to the tune of $125 and waited a solid hour for it to come through. Then two. Then three. In fact, as of this writing, it still hasn’t gone through. In comparison, a standard market purchase of BTC via Coinbase takes seconds. This friction could turn off folks who might be in a bit more of a hurry. I was able to trade a bit of my spare bitcoin but the wallet experience left something to be desired.

The Exchange is definitely a work in progress but it offers enough tools for the average bitcoin trader. Until now the granularity of bitcoin trades has been fairly limited – you can watch the blockchain all day long, for example, but there was nothing that really offered a closed, usable trading environment. This aims to be that environment.

The dashboard, above, should be familiar to anyone with an interest in trading or access to a Bloomberg terminal. To buy and sell bitcoin in using limit orders – say “Buy $250 worth when the price hits $200″ – you simply type it into the buy box. To sell, you do the same. To actually buy BTC at market price, as David Perry writes, you’re forced to head back to Coinbase proper.

Nothing is particularly amazing about this – real-time views of the blockchain are common these days – but for Coinbase to create a close, licensed space for buying and selling in a professional way is an important step. There is money to be made in Bitcoin arbitrage and I suspect this is exactly the tool necessary to make it.

With big names like Frank Draper splashing out on low-priced BTC and increased interest – partially thanks to Coinbase – in trading the cryptocurrency, expect a brief window where a human with a little money and time can make some serious profit on bitcoin trading. Given the potential of high-frequency trading, however, I suspect that window will be tantalizingly small.

Nike Sued Over Jordan Brand’s “Jumpman” Logo

A photographer has sued Nike for copyright infringement on the iconic Jordan Brand “Jumpman” logo. In 1984 photographer Jacobus Rentmeester took an image of Michael Jordan at the Olympic warmups for LIFEmagazine. After the photos had been published, Nike’s Peter Moore officially licensed the images for temporary use. Now Rentmeester claims that his image had been used as the base for the original “Jumpman” logo. Apparently “Nike used his photo to recreate the shot with Jordan in Bulls gear with the Chicago skyline in the background, but that it was essentially still his work.” Obviously, with Jordan Brand alone having generated over 3.2 billion USD in revenue for Nike in 2014, this lawsuit could potentially be a big deal.

Facebook Now Has Over 3B Video Views Per Day

If it’s starting to feel like every visit you make to Facebook these days is full of videos, you are not alone. Facebook today reported in a strong set of Q4 earnings that there are 3 billion videos viewed on its site each day. With the company also reporting daily active users of 890 million, this works out to more than 3 videos per day.

Facebook more specifically later noted that over 50% of people in the US who come to Facebook daily watch at least one video per day. It doesn’t break out how many of those are auto-played but did noted that over 65% of Facebook video views occur on mobile.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg pointed out in the call that while usage of Facebook has shifted over the last ten years, from primarily text through to “primarily photos with some text and video,” he may be understating things a bit.

As a point of comparison, he noted that there are 2 billion photos each day shared across Facebook sites — or, put another way, 1 billion less photos than videos posted to Facebook daily. And as a sign of just how much Facebook is pushing video growth, it was only in June 2014 that the company passed 1 billion video views per day.

“One of the big trends will be the growth of video content on our service,” Zuckerberg said in remarks about the how the service would look in three, five and 10 years.

Video is key to Facebook on more than one level.

On one hand, it’s a medium that helps keep people on the site for longer, by the very nature of the viewing experience. It’s something that Facebook has been doing well. By some estimates, it’s even driving video creators, and video views, away from YouTube, the online video leader.

Facebook said that in the last year, the number of video posts per person on Facebook increased 75% globally and 94% in the U.S. (My guess is that it will try to push more of this kind of “native” video in the future — that is, video hosted on Facebook rather than on third-party sites, either by offering more control and a better experience or better exposure in Facebook’s ever-evolving algorithm for what gets seen the most. Hosting the videos, of course, means that Facebook can monetise them better.)

On the other hand, with its close affinity with TV, online video is a honeypot for premium advertising and attracting premium brands. This is one of the big reasons why Facebook, and others like Yahoo and Aol and Twitter, have been pushing into the medium.

COO Sheryl Sandberg made the direct comparison between consumer video takeup on Facebook and how the social network is building out its video advertising business. “It’s exciting that we’ve gotten to 3 billion video views per day because it shows that consumers like video,” she noted. “That gives us an opportunity to grow our video advertising.”

“What really matters is that consumers are using videos on Facebook,” she said later, saying if they weren’t, “video ads would be very jarring.”

In the last quarter, Facebook rolled out autoplay video ads worldwide, and noted that “many clients told their stories creatively through video” but didn’t share any metrics on just how well this did.

Interestingly, while Facebook is pushing some premium content, including a new NFL feed that it announced today, it’s not putting all its eggs into the high-end basket.

“I don’t think it matters what that content is,” Sandberg said in response to a question about whether Facebook would be looking to do more deals to add more premium video content, similar to what YouTube has been doing. “We have an NFL test right now but we are already seeing explosive growth without it. We haven’t figured out what the mix needs to be.”

Facebook reported $3.6 billion in advertising sales on overall revenues of $3.85 billion but did not break out how much of that came from video advertising versus other formats.

Apple and Samsung Tied as World’s Largest Smartphone Makers in Q4 2014

The latest numbers from Strategy Analytics reveal that Apple tied Samsung during Q4 2014 to become the world’s largest smartphone maker based on global shipments. According to the report, both Apple and Samsung shipped 74.5 million smartphones during the three-month period of October through December. Apple’s number is an official figure from its financial results, while Samsung’s number is an estimate since the company stopped reporting smartphone shipments a few years ago. The research firm adds that Apple and Samsung were last tied in smartphone market share in Q4 2011.

Apple Samsung
Apple experienced a record-breaking first quarter of the fiscal year because of strong demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The larger screen sizes of the two new smartphones were a major selling point for many consumers, attracting more new customers and Android converts than ever before. Meanwhile, Samsung reported a 27% quarterly decline in earnings earlier today amid tough competition from both Apple and up-and-coming Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi and Huawei.

Strategy Analytics claims that global smartphone shipments grew 31% annually to eclipse a record 380 million units in the fourth quarter. An estimated 1.3 billion smartphones were shipped worldwide in 2014, with strong growth in emerging markets such as China, India and Africa. Apple has experienced a lot of momentum in China, noting that its online sales in the region for 2014 were more than the previous five years combined.

Apple Samsung Mobile Vendors Q4 14
Apple also surpassed Microsoft to become the world’s second largest mobile phone vendor on the strength of the United States and China. Apple’s 74.5 million smartphone shipments placed ahead of Microsoft’s 50.2 million units shipped, but were behind Samsung’s market leading 95 million units shipped. Apple and Samsung have global mobile phone market shares of 14.5% and 18.4% respectively.
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The First Week Numbers for Joey Bada$$ and Lupe Fiasco Are In

Pop is killing!!! Rap and R&B again,i love it because, now niggas gotta make much much better shit, to mean something

The first week sales numbers for Lupe Fiasco’s Tetsuo & Youth and Joey Bada$$’ B4.DA.$$ albums are in, with Joey edging out Lupe by about 23,000 copies. Officially, Joey notched the No. 5 spot on the charts with 58,000 units moved in the first week of sales for his debut album, with around 94% of that number coming from actual sales and not streams. Lupe was also able to beat his own personal projections this week, with 35,740 copies of his album actually sold, and a total of 44,000 with streams.

In other chart news, Fall Out Boy secured the third No. 1 album of their career, with American Beauty/American Psycho moving a total of 218,000 units with streams included. This was the second biggest week of sales for a rock group in the last two years, with only Coldplay’s Ghost Stories selling more. Taylor Swift continued her chart dominance once again this week, with another 119,000 units sold, which was good enough for the No. 2 spot.

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