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MONDAY 10/27

Lets keep it 100
The state of R&B is in really bad shape,most of all the mainstream outlets are now ran by younger people who know very little about true R&B, and don’t really care,this is forcing artist to stop doing what they love,stop writing great songs,stop singing and wanting to be rappers,or at least do rapper like things,
When I post about new music,most of the comments I get are,jd bring back that good shit,instead of all this BS on the radio,
With that being said,All of you that feel this way,all of you that love great music,I ain’t to proud to beg lol,I’m begging you, pls pick up this new JE album,and help us restore the feeling, 10/27


Marvel: Avengers: Age of Ultron


Royce Rizzy Feat. Sy Ari Da Kid “No Moe”

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Shazam Hope now and watch the official album trailer for JE Heartbreak II.

When you Shazam “Hope” it will lead to the album artwork and underneath there’s two options—right below the record art and by the ads to click and watch the trailer.

Trailer: The Gambler

The Gambler starrting Mark Wahlberg, an English professor and high-stakes gambler, in a pickle between a gangster who he owes money to and a loan shark that has mercy over him. He’s given his own life as collateral, which is a big price to pay when you’re gambling away millions of dollars.

ROYCE RIZZY ft Sy Ari Da Kid – No Moe (Clean/Dirty) NEW SMASH!!!!



Sy Ari Da Kid

“No Moe”

Download Clean & Dirty

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