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Kevin Durant to have foot surgery

Kevin Durant will have bone graft surgery on his ailing right foot and will miss the remainder of the season, Oklahoma City Thunder general manager Sam Presti announced Friday.

Durant will have the procedure early next week and is expected to return to basketball activities in the next four to six months.

The news comes a week after Presti announced that Durant had been “removed from basketball activities” and insinuated he could be shut down.

“With the focus of this process being aimed entirely on Kevin’s long-term health and stability, it was the consensus of the specialists team, in addition to a collective decision by Kevin, his representation and the Thunder, that to address the setback of the fracture site, a bone graft procedure would be the most proactive and recommended approach,” Presti said in a statement. “The bone graft is the standard procedure for the five to eight percent of Jones fracture surgeries that do not initially have success or experience setbacks sometime within the recovery period.”

Historically, the Jones fracture has never limited or altered a player’s ability to return to play. The bone graft is the next step in resolving the injury for the rare cases that don’t experience a full recovery with an inserted screw (92 to 95 percent of initial Jones fracture surgeries are successful).

“While everyone is disappointed that Kevin falls into that group, we are encouraged that the bone graft procedure has historically demonstrated long-term health and stability,” Presti said.

The Thunder and Durant worked in collaboration with three of the top foot and ankle physicians in the world: Dr. Martin O’Malley, Dr. James Nunley and Dr. Bob Anderson. O’Malley will perform the bone graft surgery in New York.

Durant underwent surgery Feb. 23 to attempt to alleviate soreness and discomfort in his right foot that was being caused by a screw inserted in October during a procedure to repair the Jones fracture. After the second procedure, Durant was re-evaluated after a week, then re-evaluated again after another week, at which point coach Scott Brooks updated the player’s timetable to a “week or two.”

Durant had intensified his on-court workouts before being removed from basketball activities last week, even returning to participate in parts of practice, including some 3-on-3. But the soreness that plagued him before the All-Star break and pushed him toward the second surgery was not resolved, because Durant is one of the unique cases in which the screw didn’t agree properly with the fracture.

Presti said the fracture was healing “excellently” after the second surgery, but given the persistent soreness, the team removed Durant from basketball activities. More evaluation showed signs of regression with the fracture, which led to the decision to take the next step with a bone graft.

The reigning league MVP, Durant averaged 25.4 points, 6.6 rebounds and 4.1 assists in 27 games this season.

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Gov. Deal issues executive order on medical marijuana

Gov. Nathan Deal signed an executive order Friday instructing state agencies to get ready to put in place the medical marijuana law the General Assembly enacted this week.

The governor promised to sign the bill after the legislative session is over to make sure no conflict arises with other legislation.

“This executive order is the first step in bringing home families who’ve sought relief elsewhere and for providing new medical solutions for Georgians suffering from debilitating conditions,” Deal said.

“I’ve instructed the Georgia Composite Medical Board and the Department of Public Health to begin taking immediate steps ahead of this law’s enactment. At the same time, law enforcement, health care providers and other stakeholders should make appropriate preparations.”

Under the bill, which passed both legislative chambers overwhelmingly, Georgians suffering from eight medical conditions – or a parent or caregiver in the case of a child patient – may legally possess a marijuana derivative that has proven effective in reducing pain and seizures.

The diseases covered include cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), seizure disorder, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, mitochondrial disease, Parkinson’s disease and sickle cell anemia.

Under the process the legislation sets in place, the state Composite Medical Board will draft a patient waiver and physician certification form. Upon completion, the forms will be available to patients meeting the specified criteria.

Once certified by the appropriate health care provider, patients will be provided with documentation allowing for possession of low-THC cannabidiol oil.

Angel investors tax credit bill clears Georgia Senate

The General Assembly gave final passage Friday to legislation renewing Georgia’s angel investors tax credit.

The Georgia Senate passed the bill 48-3 and sent it to Gov. Nathan Deal for his signature.

The state House of Representatives passed the legislation unanimously two weeks ago.

Since the tax credit took effect four years ago, 225 qualified startups and early-growth companies have registered with the state Department of Revenue for angel investment dollars.

That money has helped those businesses created more than 200 net new jobs with a payroll of about $10 million.

Many of the new jobs are being generated by incubators at The University of Georgiaand Georgia Tech, said Senate Majority Leader Bill Cowsert, R-Athens.

“This is going to help bring more high-tech, high-paying jobs to Georgia,” added Sen. John Albers, R-Roswell.

The bill will renew the tax credit for three years.

The total dollar value of credits available is capped at $5 million a year. Individual businesses can receive no more than $50,000 annually.

Nardwuar vs. Wale

Nardwuar interviews Wale at SXSW 2015 in Austin, Texas

Trailer: Southpaw

The film also stars Rachel McAdams, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Forest Whitaker, Rita Ora, Tyrese Gibson and Miguel Gomez.

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