1. @jd I’ve been ROBBBBED! WHERE IS OMG FEAT. DONDRIA? Or is this EP something different? Oh kay I’m sorry for seeming ungrateful..hehehe..just really was looking forward to that song

  2. Shame it couldnt of been released as an album, because this was a great listen! Cant wait to hear the next EP from johnta.

  3. The last song “In Love” is FIRE!!!!

  4. amazing EP amazing writing – real R&B support from the UK

  5. I miss Dondria..where did she goooo???

  6. Finally, waiting for this three damn long years…maybe we can stll dream about a release of “Ocean Drive” 2013 ???

    Now we still waiting for the Brandon Hines & Leah bangers from this living the life video:

    Thanks JD, you saved my Christmas 🙂

    Greetings from Germany

  7. JD check out my Let it Snow cover I did with Boyz II Men from my holiday mixtape The Night Before Christmas

  8. Listening to Johnta for the 1st time & lovin the sound 🙂

  9. I am in love with MUSIC again! This was def worth the wait but now I NEED more Johnta in my life! This is a breath of fresh air for R&B music! COME OUT WITH MORE SOON….

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