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After linking his deal with MMG over the summer, Omarion delivers his first project titled Care Package featuring appearances by Joe Budden, Wale, Trae Tha Truth, Problem and Tank.

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    I’m in my A&R mode at school :).

    1.) Intro- Sounds like something from one of R.Kelly songs. The background vocals sound good. This is a long intro and the Maybach music slogan is annoying because she saying it to much.
    2.) Admire- I wonder how the keys would sound had they not been more like in the hall tone. He don’t sound like Omarion. Okay, Omarion you better than those lyrics. More unique lyrics and less metaphors. It’s to obvious and just about anyone can guess the next line. Honstly, the guy that sound like Tank and Jamie should be at the intro of the song, then Omarion, and then the other guy, because his vocals and his part caught and kept my attention. He had so much conviction. It sounded personal. That’s how you are suppose to sing. They should edit the [email protected] part because it’s nothing but space playing. Okay that is Tank. #underrated. Tank should probably turn his part into a whole new song. It sounded that good.
    Radio brk- Warren G on Miami’s Hot 105.1 (Get em Warren and Nate)
    3.) Arch Your It- That instrumental is hard and sexy. WTF. Do a rmx with Ciara. I’m so feeling the snare and regular drums as a pattern. He should have tried hitting hit notes every now and then. I so wanna use this track. Trae the truth vocals match with the track. Not sure what he’s saying because of the bass and air though. Anyway, it’s a nice single. That’s Omarion, that’s “O”, “Speeding”, and any other song in that lane. Nice job! As it went off, it kinda sounded like “Refill.” Omarion lyrics got better on this song.
    4.) Private Dancer- I just like the drum pattern and those background sounds especially when it get loud. Wonder if he has a dance routine to this song. I like that high note when his vocals change up. Your chorus could be stronger. Take it up. #Tensn. You sure should be throwing ones at the dancer. This is more of a strp club song and less of a commercial single, but anything is possible. I like the chorus.
    5.) Rozay- Okay Ross.
    6.) Trouble- Boring small talk intro. The intro threw me off. Some of the lines are obvious. It sounds like you’re just talking and telling her what she want’s to hear. I don’t like the lyrics, or the instrumental. Nice melody, wrong words. Omarion sound good singing it though, but that’s not enough. Alright Joe. Joe Budden vocals sound real good with the track and his lyrics sound more realistic. Try putting Joe vocals at the beginning to keep the listeners attention and that should prepare the people fo Omarion vocals.
    7.) Out Loud- I like the vocal intro. Push the vocals up some. The instrumental isn’t strong enough to make a person be patient. Nice instrumental after the intro. He should have said “Let me” with more emotions. Get in the mood O while ur in the booth. He need somebody to add a rap verse to the track around that 2:50 section. Nice song. More emotions.
    8.) The intro is boring until the drums come in. Wale wasn’t saying nothing important. Sound like he mad at some female and clean the lyrics. To much was being said, but the right things were not being said.
    9.) Ode To Tae- Sounds more like an interlude. Nice vocals and lyrics though.

    Single- #3, 7. #3 is more like a music vdo single and a radio single. #7 is the same.

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