Vevo In Talks With Facebook, May Leave YouTube (Report)


By Dan Rys, New York

Vevo may be taking its music video service to Facebook, with preliminary talks between the companies signalling what may be the beginning of the end for Vevo’s current partnership with Google-owned YouTube, according to CNET.Though Vevo and YouTube still have a year left on their contract, it would appear that the company is considering charting its future with the social networking site. The move would allow Facebook to stream music videos through Vevo and augment its expanding social music section, which has grown over the past few months due to deals with Spotify and its real-time social listening feature.
Vevo, despite only being in operation for a little over two years, has enjoyed considerable growth, with monthly video views that have reached as high as three quarters of a billion, and is ranked at #2 on comScore’s list of top U.S. online video sites behind only YouTube.
The deal with Facebook would presumably mirror Vevo’s current one with Google, with the companies sharing advertising revenue. Vevo and Google, through its Google Music service, both have licensing deals with three of the top four labels, neither having come to an agreement with Warner. Vevo recently signed a deal in December with MTV, which has a licensing agreement with Warner, in a move that gave MTV access to the libraries of all four majors.
What may work against Facebook’s bid is the profitable pertnership Vevo and Google have established. A Dec. article on Vevo’s success since its December 2009 launch, noted that $100 million had been paid to content owners over two years and that 600 advertisers ranging from American Express to Vitamin Water had signed on. The video platform also has plans to expand its original programming as well as its television, mobile and international presence in 2012.
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    bad move. although i am the only person i know without a facebook page.

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    i don’t like vevo anyway. i think they are a downfall of youtube imo. and moving to facebook…how? facebook isnt a media site

  3. Profile photo of Debonair

    I can see them partnering with Facebook but not leaving Youtube to partner with Facebook. Facebook video services sucks ass compared to Youtube. I rarely go to Vevo the site I watch all my Vevo music videos on Youtube. Plus the labels gets all this extra money from people doing covers and using songs in user videos. I can’t tell you how many people go watch the original song after they saw somebody do a cover of a song on Youtube. If Vevo bounces they will be back just like Warner Music did when they bounced from Youtube a few years back. .

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    If they leave, they’ll go running back. They will not be successful in this venture. Whoever is behind this discussion on Vevo’s end should be out of a job for even considering such a thing.

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    come to think of it: When I looked at the nicki minaj stupid hoe video (regretfully) they had me commenting through facebook and my account there. the whole comment section is filled w/ facebook users …wonder if theyve started already

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    I think its a great move by Vevo. They couple themselves with the largest social media site in Facebook so it can expand their market as well as cripple their new competition, YouTube. When you want to watch a music video on Facebook in clear quality, it would most of the time be from that artists Vevo channel. I also assume that Vevo has exclusive contract through the record companies to show their music videos without copyright infringement problems so people would automatically go through Vevo anyway if they want to see the video without it being blocked. @JD would be able to shine more light on that better than myself

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    I meant “watch a video on YouTube” not Facebook. My bad

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    I don’t think they should make that change, cause it could limit uploading to FB from other site like Youtube… But only time will tell, cause they’re gonna make the change based on what’s good for their pockets and not based on what the user says…

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