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    This helped!

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    I was totally lost, so yes, this short video did help. Let me hursh so I can go and do my g14 thang. lol

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    Thanks I really understand now

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    It truly helps alot…

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    Ahite, this helped me *Big Up* @jd

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    It helps

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    Good info. Thanks Jermaine.

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    Your video did help, that’s wassup JD!! Thank you!

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    JD HERBAL FASHIONS is with you 100%, good looking and we will help promote your site. Herbal Fashions “Taking Designer Clothes Higher Than The Rest” Now accepting all major credit cards.

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    Well, that explains why JD has 30,000 members vs. his 400,000 followers on Twitter (the notifying site). Captchas aren’t necessarily secure. In fact, they’re annoying and insecure. Excessive scrolling, especially on the splash page, is fundamentally wrong unless you’re beyond your growth phase as with Facebook and the advent of Timeline.

    This video strikes me as amateur. A JD voiceover would have been as sufficient here because the lighting is really bad as he illustrates how to navigate the site.

    First day on the site and I’m already disliking that I cannot upload an image gallery. This site essentially is still the blog it was in the beginning. I don’t really need to see all the wares for sale unless I’m motivated to purchase something.

    Social networking is in fact, sharing. JD you should have been in Frisco this week for the sharing conference because it’s relative to what you aim to do with your site.

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    good looking JD, it was kinda you know….f’d up at first for ya boy! lol

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    I did that but I still don’t see my picture to the right like I used to in the members section so I don’t know if people can see when I’m active on or not. I used to see my pic pop up to my right side when I was on

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    guess what???? now I see myside on the right side. YEA! thanks JD,, your the best-est!!!!!

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