1. *thumbs up* Still waiting for that LSR…2011 perhaps?! 😀

  2. Johnta has officially been added to my list of future collaborations. Can’t wait for the album #LetsGo!

  3. This album is so anticipated it’s crazy!! The lyrics just got me “replaying” this joint over & over!! I love it! 2 thumbs up & a heart flutter. 🙂

  4. i cant wait until the album him already

  5. this shit is sick!…st8 baby makin music…sets the mood..(big budget video)

  6. I can’t wait! We miss you Johnta…love this song!

  7. Love It!!!!!!

  8. I like this song… yea everybody is anticipating this album

  9. OMG this is awesome…like “close your eyes”…i need that in my car hifi…
    JD: could you please up a mp3 file of that “hold me”, that we can download it? this should be no problem, because it is promo. and promo is always good for Johnta 🙂

    Greetings from Germany!! Love ya Music…So So Def 4 Ever!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I cant wait til this one come out. Its a babymaking smooth joint lol. Its is nice tho. Somethng to jus groove to&plus ama Johnta fan anyway. Yall have the A team over there lol

  11. by the way…whats happened with the track “forever” from Johnta ?? this track was playing in a LTL clip ealier this year…when it comes out ?? that was hot!!

  12. Turn those drums up!!!!!!!!!! Make this one slam……… This song is the business.

  13. HEY JD! This is what real R&B sounds like LIFERS! Johnta we miss ya!

  14. Mmmm..MMmm..mmm Yessir!!!!!! love it!!!!

  15. Yo…I think we’ve waited long enough for this mixtape/album/mixtape. Ya’ll need to stop teasing us with these tracks. LOL Hell I still want my vid for Close Your Eyes. 😐 😛

  16. lol I’m ready for the album / mixtape … keep up the good work Johnta & JD

  17. this one right here go hard JD.

  18. The Album is Dopee and he always make a amazing work Love Johnta!
    Why dont you make a collaboration??

  19. his voice is the truth and sooo damn official i want to bump all LSR in caar HURRY up sinatra 🙂

  20. Nephew…..this right here… you on yo grown man for really doe!!!!! I likey!!!!! May just have to repeat it …..with the L-O-V-E!!!!!1

    Stay blessed, keep up the great work and get’r done!!!!!! 🙂


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  22. Wowww Mr 1545 strikes again with a golden track, still waiting on this LSR *sighs* gonna continue waiting patiently.

  23. so i need for Mr. Austin to go ahead a release that Love Sex Religion album…..this song solidifies my love for him…..and (clears throat) boo i will hold you every night if you want me to

  24. LSR!!!!!!!!

  25. This is music!!! Look forward to an actual album I can bump in the car.

  26. I Luv This Song!!
    Johnta always best!
    and JD!so so def!

  27. Amazing!!
    I can’t wait for the album!! I know it’s going to be a beast!

  28. I’m lovin this song!

  29. I been rocking wit you since your song, Turn it up. Keep the real music coming

  30. ever song he has been on has been fire…keep it hot.

  31. Hey global President JD, this is ur big homie from Philly with a question. First i would like to say the global 14 is all that, but i have one question. If iam in the blog section listening to the music can i still travel thru the other sections of the site without disconnecting the music iam listening too on the blog.

  32. ive been waiting for his album since i was like 17…IM 20 AND I NEED A DARN ALBUM lol
    i love his music! 🙂

  33. Johnta wreckin ish…#Classic.. Cant wait to collab with him in the future if god allows..

  34. ahhh, ii love this…. alot. def a groove to it.

  35. i am still waiting on this album i hope it be #classic

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