LAS VEGAS – NOVEMBER 06: Jermaine Dupri and Pascal Mouawad arrive at Prive Nightclub at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on November 6, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  1. Dats whats up!!! I still prefer the brown one. LOL

  2. I’m still waitin on my NuPop Watch in the mail…….

  3. YES!! i love it! i soooo want that white one

  4. loves it . i want one

  5. i love the white one.
    cant wait to see more from the launch and hear more from all the lifers who could go.

  6. @ Ton me too! Are they using horses to deliver these watches.

  7. ok, so JD follows me and puts me on the list for the launch. good looking out JD but i missed the launch although i’m a lifer living in vegas. i was so heated.but prive’ said JD didn’t have a list and was trying to hustle me for booth and bottle service for the club.

    i made the best of a bad situation and waited for JD to spin. he started spinning about 12:30 am. he definitely did his thing. he had the packed crowd jumping.

    it was cool actually being there after watching living the life all this time.

    JD gets it in. It’s Vegas baby!

    yeah, i’m like Tongadude waiting for my NuPop watch in the mail. LOL 🙂

  8. Glad you enjoyed yourself @savvyonesys!!! 😀

  9. Just ordered a the red one.
    Can’t wait for it to arrive.
    While ordering it they had the ocean’s 7 mixtape going … first time hearing it and its HOT.

  10. I want one!!!!!

  11. where can i order this watch???…like what is the website….??? im about to grow impatient cause i cant find out where to order it….

  12. google is your friend my fellow internet users…smh

  13. Congrats!

  14. got no idea what the hell it is lol but whatever it is i’m sure it’s flashy or somethin like that.
    keep gettin yo grind on JD, congrats

  15. Put my order in for 3 on Friday! I can’t wait to stunt!! Congrats JD on this movement I hope it turns out to be a very successful investment for you.

  16. ain’ nobody fresher


  18. Hey JD! All Lifers should get at least (1)!!!!

  19. Hoping 4 great success wit dis new venture. Have a safe trip. Always MS. PRETTY

  20. OK…..could someone plpease tell me where I can order one from… give me da mailin address or sumtin lol …..

  21. Waiting for my white one Love it!

  22. The white one is hot! Waiting for next payday : ) Glad they’re reasonably priced too!!!

    Hey JD, I love how you post so much art and photography stuff on here. I’m really into both. I was just wondering if you’re up on Justin Bua’s artwork? He’s a young guy, but his art is some of my favorite. I love urban art. Check him out if you haven’t already ( I know you stay up on stuff). But, he had a new art book out like last year ’08…

  23. Reading is fundamental @bahamas242…scroll the page…

  24. Wassup with a launch party NYC?? After all the city that never sleeps needs to keep the time dammit. Lol

  25. wat up jd nu pop watch movement n effect! i cant wait 2 get mines! i need a watch real bad 4 work! LOL!

  26. YO JD! We need these joints in a New York Minute!! Sup with the launch party in The Big Apple homie? Put me on the guestlist, Ya Heard! HOLLA !!!

  27. Suggestion…Could You Put A Link To The Website In The Merchandise Section Of Your Blog For Easier Access?

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