The Olsen Twins Drop A Pill-Covered, $55K Backpack

DAMN!! 55K

The Row Olsens backpack The Olsen Twins Drop A Pill Covered, $55K Backpack
In collaboration with Just One Eye and fashion designer Damien Hirst, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen created this limited $55K backpack for their lable’s ‘The Row’ 2012 collection. The price for this incredible piece seems rediculously high but regarding the The Row’s crocodile backpack from the last years collection, priced $35K, which sold out within a just few days, I doubt that this one-of-a-kind wearable artwork will not sell out. The backpack features numerous multicolored prescription pill appliqués that were designed by Hirst. Next to the pills-backpack there are a few other other polka-dotted versions disolayed in the video below.
the backback will release on December 12 at Just One Eye.


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  1. KMonroe says
    05 Dec 12, 2:13am

    with pills all over it..I was going to post this..but it was to ridiculous…lol

  2. Bruce says
    05 Dec 12, 2:21am

    yo this looks wack tho it looks worth $55.99

  3. 05 Dec 12, 6:55am

    I like it lol

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