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23 mins ago by Stephanie Smith
He’s an acclaimed record producer, songwriter, Grammy award winner, the CEO of
So So Def Recordings and CEO of Global 14. Entrepreneur Jermaine Dupri is a man
with many talents. We’re thrilled to have Jermaine join us at Startup Grind 2013
when he shares the secrets to successfully building community.
Global 14 is the “coolest, hippest city on the Internet”.       A social community that Jermaine Dupri founded in 2011, the focus at Global 14 is
real engagement and relationship building rather than simply broadcasting the
latest news. With discussion groups featuring topics ranging from relationships,
cooking, education and music, to dating and sex, Dupri encourages making friends,
not gathering followers.
“Global 14 was created because of the increasing trend of ‘social notifying’
versus ‘social networking’. Social notifying is when people share information, such as
in ‘Hey, check out this website.’ There’s no conversation or expectation of a response.”
Join us at Startup Grind 2013, February 4th-6th and catch Jermaine’s insights into
growing Community. Follow Jermaine on Twitter
at @Mr_Dupri.

Take It From One Who Tweets: CEOs Need Social Media


DECEMBER 20, 2012
The higher you climb, the more grounded you should be, and social media keeps you in touch with your customers and market, says So So Def Recordings CEO Jermaine Dupri. Here’s how he tweets.

CEOs, listen up: if you don’t have time for social media, you don’t have time to be a CEO.
It’s your job to run your company, right? Well, social media will keep you from getting locked up in your ivory tower and get you grounded in your people and your market. As CEO of So So Def Recordings, I know what I’m talking about. A couple of years ago, I got rid of my own So So Def website and replaced it with my own social media site, Global 14, which has plenty of swag and passion thanks to 43,000 Lifers (as I call Global 14 members). Based on my experience on sites such as Global 14Twitter, and Instagram, here’s how I think social media can help you be a better CEO.

Jermaine Dupri

1. Know Your Market
If you think you can succeed without having your ears to the ground, good luck. Global 14 is my own focus group. I know what’s going on in the marketplace–who is hot and who is not–thanks to the brutally honest feedback I get from the Lifers. When Nicki Minaj’s Roman Reloaded got a lukewarm reception in the first few days of its release, I was not surprised. The Lifers had already told me her new music wasn’t moving them based on what they’d heard before the general release.
Spending a few minutes in the trenches of social media is a great way to stay grounded in the needs of your customers. Twitter CEO Dick Costolo learns a lot about Twitter by responding to customers’ issues, and that’s exactly what I do on Global 14. If you have a problem with the site, tell me, and I will respond.
Don’t get rid of your customer service department. Just use social to talk to a customer. Is that so hard?
2. Know Your Own People
How well do you think you know your own company? Spend some time on social. I can guarantee you’ll learn something.
I have to say, in the early days of running Global 14, I did not really appreciate how much Lifers hustle and create their own ideas, but I learned after a while. Some of the most innovative and active Global 14 communities were launched not by me but by Global 14 members, such as the popular Global 14 Radio brand, which is a digital radio talk show launched by Global 14 members.
Do yourself and your company a favor by getting personal accounts on Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Then visit your company’s official pages. You can learn a lot by seeing what your own people say about your company and what they say about themselves.
Even better, give someone in your company a shout-out or an employee a question on a social post and see what kind of reply you get. Social is the new company meeting.
3. Humanize Your Brand
This past year, I’ve been going around the world with David Deal of iCrossing talking about how we have been working together to build the Global 14 brand. No matter where we go, a CEO is bound to tell us, “No one on Twitter cares what I had for breakfast today.” And our answer is the same: yeah, no one wants to know that you had scrambled eggs for breakfast, but they want details about you that may be unusual or surprising (like the fact that I’m a vegan). Accept it: The CEO is the most public and powerful face of your brand. And people respond when you show a little humanity with your brand.
When Richard Branson of Virgin posts pictures on Twitter of himself hanging with dolphins on his vacation, he gets serious retweets, and makes Virgin more human. And I try to share sources of personal inspiration in my life, which humanizes So So Def. One day I might discuss my visit with the Factory Zero startup in San Francisco. Or I might share some fresh Louis Vuitton fashion that inspires me. On Instagram I shares pictures and videos from my life wherever I am–on the 106 and Park show, VegasTech…you name it, I’m there, and I’m sharing my world with you. Here’s the thing: Everyone thinks I’m going talk about music. But they get surprised and curious when they see the inspiration behind the music.
4. Own Your Brand
Not too many CEOs really manage their brands because they think it’s someone else’s job. That’s crazy. As a CEO, you can do more than anyone else to show what your brand is all about. And social helps you become your own chief brand officer. George Colony, CEO of Forrester Research, represents his brand by blogging about industry trends just as he expects Forrester analysts to do. Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz famously credited social media for saving Starbucks by giving him and his brand fresh ideas through the customer feedback he gets from activities like My Starbucks Idea.
Global 14, Twitter, and YouTube help me test the music of my own artists such as Fresco Kane before giving them broader exposure to the public. And then social helps me spread their music when they are ready to gain a broader audience.
5. Do Good
CEOs are like superheroes: With great power comes great responsibility. Social media gives you a platform to achieve a higher purpose. I use Global 14 to help people share ideas with each other. During the presidential debates, I hosted forums on Global 14 to discuss the candidates. Yeah, I know CEOs get uncomfortable sometimes talking about issues besides their stock performance. But guess what–huge brands like Patagonia are using social to tell the stories of their commitment to social responsibility. So for a CEO to do the same is not as far-fetched as you might think.
You don’t need to tell me being a CEO is hard. Every day you have to know what’s around the corner and deliver results today. But social media can help you. Social is the most direct and powerful tool you have to build a connected brand and understand how your market, your business, and your customers are changing. So what are you waiting for?



Destiny Jones mentioned you in an update:

“This is an evaluation paper that I am working on for my writing class. I wrote
about Global 14 @JD
What is Global 14?
In today’s society social media websites have made a big impact on the way we
communicate with each other and attain knowledge. As the world continues to
evolve, the use of social media websites is becoming commonly used for the
number one source of entertainment and obtaining information on what is going on
in the world. Many people are familiar with the popular social media websites
such as Facebook and Twitter. The expectations on these websites can become
limited to the same day to day socializing with others, posting videos, pictures
and letting the world know what you are doing at a particular moment in your
People sometimes abuse these websites and go as far as to posting personal
things that they should not share with everyone. For example, if you become
pregnant at the same time as Laqueefa, Shanice and Amber, it is not cool to post
a pic of four teenagers in the mirror at school saying “Pregnancy teen pact”.
The type of social media website that I would enjoy personally would be
friendly, informative, and have an essential atmosphere where people could
together as a community and bond like a family. Global 14 is a social media
website that continues to gain more and more recognition each day and eventually
it will become one of the top social media websites on the web.
Jermaine Dupri is a well-known Grammy award winning song writer and producer,
author, DJ and the CEO of music record label entitled So So Def. He took a
further step away from his love of music to create a social website where he not
only shares music but art, fashion, community issues and technology, to name a
few. This website keeps you engaged and informed on the latest news in the world
and anything new you might not have known about. Believe it or not after a while
Global 14 can become addictive but in a good way. It becomes addictive in a good
way because it makes you want to log on every day to see what is new in music,
technology and mainly to see the topics everyone might be discussing. When you
see everyone talking on a certain topic it makes you want to jump in and join
the discussion. You never know what they might be debating about because the
topics can be random at times. Recently, the big community discussion on the
website was on Election Day. Everyone talked
back and forth with each other and made each other laugh and have a good time
as we awaited the winner. After Obama was pronounced the president, everyone
went crazy on their statuses with funny pictures and entertaining at statements.
It’s a friendly zone where you can speak on anything you like even if you do not
know someone because Global 14 builds friendships.
“The virtual atmosphere is one that culminates into literal meet and greets.
People are on first name basis. A place where you can be (personal) and someone
on the site will relate and help you through,” said Margo, a member of Global
14. When I first made an account on Global 14 my intentions were to get people
to listen to my singing and to hopefully get the attention of Jermaine Dupri.
After being on the website for a while, I learned that it was way more than
sharing music; it was like a big family where love was spread toward everyone. I
became comfortable enough to engage in discussion and post things such as
pictures, videos and other informal info. Soon after people began to discuss
what I was sharing. I have met some people on the website that are from all
around the United States and even outside the country. Friendships can go
beyond just the online experience as well. “The offline experience, you get to
meet on here at lifer’s (the term for Global 14 mem
bers) events and parties. No other sites offer that,” said Rose. The thing that
connects us as a family is the love we share for music, sports, fashion and the
conversations we have.
Global 14 is currently close to 42,000 members. I did not know anyone on the
website when I first made an account. I now have daily conversations and laughs
with many members. We speak to each other as if we were already friends before
connecting on Global 14. Jermaine Dupri himself is always engaging with everyone
on the website. When he talks back to us and laughs with us, it makes it extra
special because he is the founder of the website. The founder of Facebook and
Twitter are not engaging with members. When Jermaine Dupri engages with us, it
makes me want to log on even more often because even though he is a busy
business man, he takes the time to chat with us.
As I stated before, we are like a big family of different ages, race and
backgrounds. We all share talents of singing, rapping, song writing, modeling,
playing sports or having a love for fashion and a concern of what is going on in
our society. I love how someone would say good morning on a status and everyone
would comment on it and respond with a good morning or have a good day. When
this happens it makes me feel loved. I posted on my status the other day, “good
morning you guys I have a math test today ughh” and everyone responded with good
morning, good luck and you got this. I posted that I was emotional on a status
one day and everyone asked why and cheered me up. Just like any other family
there might be some disagreements or arguments but at the end of the day those
problems become resolved by laughing and talking it out.
The big difference between other social media websites and Global 14 is that,
global 14 is where people get to display their talents and not get criticized
but instead are given complements or words of encouragement on how talents can
be improved. On Facebook and Twitter you have to beg or tag people to watch and
comment on things you post rather it being statues, pictures or videos. On G14
all you have to do is post something and someone will comment. You do not have
to beg for someone to listen to your music because we are always looking to give
our opinion on things. If someone posted on Facebook or Twitter about how
Hostess Cakes are going out of business, a store being robbed or anything
informal about our society then you will get little to no response. If those
same things were posted on G14 that’s when it becomes a big discussion and
sometimes these conversations will last for days. Whenever someone comments on a
certain status, picture or whatever was posted; it
then comes back to the top of the web page and becomes top of discussion again.
Once I see something posted that I am interested in, I then go beyond that and
do my own research. I stay updated on what is going on in the world because of
Global 14.
People might argue and say that G14 is just about music but it’s not. As I said
before, it displays a variety of things in sports, fashion, society topics, etc.
Others might say that Jermaine Dupri do not listen to their music. When people
hear that a big music producer such as Jermaine Dupri has made this website then
they think that by posting music they might get signed. So when they are not
getting his attention they get upset. Jermaine Dupri has said the best way to
get his attention is to get the attention of the community meaning the global 14
members. I believe his statement is only fair because if there isn’t at least a
nice amount of people that gives positive feedback on your musical talents you
post then it shows that you aren’t ready for a music career in the industry.
When you are constantly posting your music and sending messages to Jermaine
Dupri that then makes you seem desperate. I think the best way to get into the
music industry is if someone is int
erested in you and not by trying to make them interested. Another argument
that might come about is how the website sometimes has spams. The bigger the
website gets meaning the more people join, the bigger the spams get. There are
people working on getting rid of these spams. The website is being constructed
on very often because new ideas come to play. Jermaine Dupri is always in
meetings with his team of global 14 developers to make the website even better.
In these meetings they right on walls and discuss new ideas and ways the website
can be improved in many areas. They stay in the same house for days working on
constructing the website.
Global 14 is my favorite social media website and I cannot wait to see how much
the website develops and changes. I love the all-around atmosphere. Being that I
am one of the younger members on the website, I still engage and get the respect
of my opinions regardless of my age. The website continues to grow and become
more interesting each day. This website might not be as big as popular websites
but those websites started off small and eventually became a big website with
millions of members. In the future G14 will have its millions of members and
finally have the recognition that it deserves. “If I ain’t living the life, I
don’t know what you call it” (Dupri). Global 14 is a family and we enjoy living



GLOBAL14 x PSFK 2012

Here at #PSFK2012 discussing the wonderful world of @global14 with @davidjdeal,when I was younger and I decided I wanted to be a producer, it was no one my age even thinking about it ,in this space I feel that same thing.

Jermaine Dupri (Why you should join Global14)



Written by Lathleen
Monday, 11 July 2011 01:54
A lot of us don’t realize that there’s a universal party going on, here you can get a record deal, learn about delicious vegan meals or even join a relationship and sex group. This party is otherwise known as Global 14, a social network designed to have more interaction and dialogue with the fans and subscribers. Check out this exclusive conversation between @Lathleen and Jermaine Dupri that reveals what it takes to run your own business/social network Global 14. Artists can also get paid for their work through Global 14.
Reporting by Lathleen

“Twitter doesn’t speak to conversation, it’s just notifying,” said music mogul Jermaine Dupri who is passionate about turning his social network into a larger community that promotes conversation. “All bloggers do is post something on their blog and they don’t comment back and forth to you. That got boring to me to, because I couldn’t talk to the people, I wanted to have dialogue,” says Dupri. His website already has over 21,000 members and growing. However, he stresses that it’s important to realize his network does more than just allow you to follow him. “People follow superstars because all they want to know is what {they’re} doing. Celebrities talk to the fans but they don’t specially talk back to everyone individually. Not that there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just the opposite of Global 14. Global 14 is directly a community of people that wants to talk about the same thing.”

Dupri says he’s not trying to duplicate any other social network, “I’m not copying Twitter and I’m not copying Facebook, I’m actually just giving my generation a place where they can really live, it’s not an all black site, it’s a very open diverse group of people on the site. No one knew who Mark Zuckerberg  {creator of Facebook} was until he created Facebook. People know who I am, my style, the music I make, that should make you want to be apart of the company more than anything. I bring the technology and the knowledge of every other website but I also bring that swag that all those other sites don’t have.”
Dupri feels his past reputation of being able to connect with the youth can drive more attention to his network than others. He gave me this scenario to consider, “If I put 10 kids in a room with me and Mark Zuckerberg before people knew who he was, and you allow them to sit at my table or Mark Zuckerberg’s table, I personally think people will come to my table, because people know who I am and I’m more interesting. He is smarter than a motherf*cker and he probably knows more stuff than I do, but we’re living in a swag driven world and kids want to be around that, they don’t like you just because you’re creating, they want to be around that swag.”
Apart from this there is one thing Dupri wants you to distinguish before joining Global 14. “There’s a difference between friends and followers and people should understand that.” On Global 14, Dupri has separated real-life friends from followers. “No one on Twitter is your friend, that’s why they call them followers. None of these people are actually your friends. Charlie Sheen got one million followers in like one day; none of those people have ever spoken directly to him, so he has no friends on Twitter. Followers to me, is just following someone around. I felt that if my friends are on Global 14, I treat them like friends and not just followers and actually talk to them.”
How aspiring artists can get paid for their work through Global 14:
“I created G Jamz {online music store} on Global 14. If you have a song that you feel you want to make a video for & put it out for free, just give it to me, and I will exclusively put it in G Jamz. It won’t be sold anywhere else and it will go out for 99 cents and you can sell it and make some money. Right now these kids are getting nothing, I see a lot of kids everyday on Twitter, posting links saying ‘listen to my song, listen to my song,’ and they think its generating something, that’s not generating anything. And they are spending a lot of their money to do videos and stuff. If you’re going to spend you’re money at least get something in return. They’re basically all signed to me {So So Def}, it’s something like American Idol, once you’re in the store, we have an agreement that you are a Jermaine Dupri artist, so if you get super hot off of what I help you do and a label what’s to see you, they have to come see me as well.”
Straight Talk With Jermaine Dupri
How a Social Network Can Turn into Trash:
“The stuff that Odd Future and Chris Brown {was doing on Twitter (fighting) } is not what we’re doing here {Global 14}.
I blame it on the network; they have the power to delete what they let go globally. Like they allow people to get on there and create trending topics about people dying that aren’t even dead. That creates trash in the community. “
Which celebrities have Global 14 accounts?
Mariah Carey, Nelly, Diddy and Bow Wow have Global 14 accounts but they don’t have the time to talk to everyone all the time.
Besides promoting conversation, what makes Global 14 stand out amongst Facebook & Twitter:
The majority of people on Twitter are dormant. They just created an account started not liking it and just let it sit there. Same thing with Facebook, they say they have that big number {of members} but half of those accounts just sit there. What I’m happy about is that the people that are on Global 14 I see every night when I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up, so I know that they’re active.
What is Living the Life all about?
I created a blog on YouTube called Living the Life, I started filming my life, because I felt my life was interesting. If I told you what I was doing, you would think I’m lying, so I would start filming it, the fact that it was me filming soften up all my {celebrity} friends to allow me to film, because they knew I wouldn’t do anything malicious with the footage. Dealing with Mariah, Puff, Jay-Z anybody that’s my friends they know I’m not going to put them out there. All my friends started allowing me to film footage that no other camera could possibly get. So I created {an online show} called Living the Life. If you watch, you’re considered a lifer, I call people who live life through me {a lifer} That see things they’ll never a get a chance to see, like kids that’s in the hood, they watch the show and get to see what Paris looks like because of me, they see what other cities look like, atmosphere and just being around celebrities and living life through me.
When did you turn Vegan:
I’ve been a vegan for three years. It was something that we {Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson} were just on; she put me on this fast a year ago, and I stayed on this fast {no meat} for like 24 days. I got off the fast, I felt so different, I felt so light. I wanted to continue to feel like this so I said I’m going to be a Vegan.
I have a group on Global 14, a group of black kids that’s vegan. It’s not a great number but it’s a start. They know how much I travel so they hit me up on there and let me know where {all the Vegan spots are}
Dupri is truly staying current at the age of 37. You can learn more about the social network on





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