Dopeness: The Dark Knight Home Movie Theatre

I absolutely have to have this in my next crib!!!!


We can’t imagine there would be any better way to enjoy Christopher Nolan’s incredible ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy than from this mind blowing Dark Knight inspired home movie theater.

That’s right, an entire movie theater built in someone’s home designed to be straight out of the movie. The theater is being built in California by Elite Home Theater Seating, and fuses elements of Wayne Manor with the Art Deco styling of Gotham City. The best part is the secret bookcase compartment that opens up revealing the Bat garage complete with a Tumbler replica.  Check out the photos below. [via:]

Dopeness: Dope Ass Father’s Day Gifts

Being a father is the greatest gift. I am super excited to see how my son is developing, growing, and turning his personality all the way up. Usually father’s get terrible gifts for Father’s Day. It’s almost like Dad’s are supposed to get wack gifts! Lol. Well, here are a few ideas for young, fly fathers. Check ’em out–>

1.  Darth Vader Fathers Day Card, $6.75 BUY

2. Corkcicle | Wine Chiller, $20 More Details | BUY

3. Cognac Glasses | by Normann Copenhagen, $2/$52 More Details | BUY

4. Conceal Shelf | Invisible Book shelf, $9.99 More Details | BUY

5. Juice Pack Reserve | by Mophie, $34.95 More Details | BUY

6. Looftlighter | Fire Lighting Tool, $79.95 More Details | BUY

7. Cobra Tag, $47 More Details | BUY

A closer look–>

Dopeness: Mylah “Currency” Music Video

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 11.17.16 PM

Click here to watch the video.

Dopeness: ME x @Akai_Pro MPC Renaissance

I have had the honor of being a part of the development of the new MPC. Being that I have made 85% of my hits using an MPC (60II, 4K, 3K, and 2500), I’m so glad that Green Lantern put me down with this. Working closely with Daniel Gill, Charles Dixon, and the legendary Sean C. (from the production duo Sean C. and LV) this new MPC defies all of the odds. What they have done is combined the legendary use and mechanisms of the MPC 3000 (my favorite) with the thought process of today’s producer. The hardware vs. software concept works seamless in this new MPC. And it reads all of your old .snd, .prg, .aif files and it comes with some of the most bold sounds and synths I have ever heard. Not to mention you can use it stand alone or along side your favorite programs (FL, Logic Pro, Pro Tools; etc.). I am just so excited about this new product. Just the few times that I have sequenced on it, I felt my creativity level go up by leaps and bounds. This product will be released sometime in the summer. I am going on record to say that this is going to revolutionize music like the original MPC did back in the ’80s.

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Dopeness on G14: Numark 4Trak Tracktor Controller x Akai MPC DJ


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Random Hotness: Lakshmi Menon

This is from her Vogue India February 2010 spread. I saw your challenge JD. Touche’ sir!

Dope Art: Gus Van Sant & James Franco’s “Unfinished” At Gagosian Gallery L.A.

I think this is dope.


Nearly 20 years after Gus Van Sant released My Own Private Idaho, the director revisits the film in a joint exhibition with James Franco, entitled “Unfinished,” on view at the Gagosian Gallery in L.A. now through April 9, 2011. The director and actor became interested in working on the project together while working on Van Sant’s Oscar-winning film, Milk. Van Sant had shared some of the dailies and other extraneous footage that never made it into the final cut of the My Own Private Idaho, and Franco, allegedly mesmerized by River Pheonix’s performance in the film, was inspired to splice together the outtakes into a new film, rather obviously titled My Own Private River with an accompanying soundtrack by Michael Stipe. Seven of Van Sant’s Peyton-esque watercolors will accompany the short film.

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