BRAT ‘RACKS’ Feat JD Dirty


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  1. 20 Apr 11, 1:36pm

    [...] Global 14 via Rap Up [...]

  2. T Jones says
    20 Apr 11, 2:49pm

    Im lovin that music!! Way to go Da Brat!

  3. Emerald says
    20 Apr 11, 2:52pm

    I’m glad she’s “home” :)

    Lookin forward to more tracks!!!

    ( D_G )

  4. 20 Apr 11, 4:17pm

    OMG, OMG, THAT IS HOT!!!! Shawn, J.D. you’re the BEST!!!! The Dynamic duo is back on top of the game to stay!!! Thanks 4 the warning that it’s the dirty version! LOL! Please post the clean version, so I can listen to it repeatedly, WOW!!! Both of you are AMAZING!!!!!
    SO SO DEF, G14 4 LIFE!!!! MUUAH!!!!

  5. 20 Apr 11, 4:34pm

    ” I got the wifey with me, up in the V.I.P.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Shawn & J.D., I’m so very proud of both of you, I can hardly contain myself!!!! Another SO SO DEF, summer!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re staying on the right track by speaking in your music, only those things you want to actually happen.
    Words really do have POWER!!! OMG, OMG!!!! Brat, J.D., never stop with the music, EVER!!!

  6. Ray Swift says
    20 Apr 11, 7:52pm

    Wordaap!!!! It’s Good to see Yall Back on The Grind!!! I would Love to Build with Yall on What ever yall got in the works… Holla at me @Cutwiz on Twitter!!!! AAAAAight…. Peace!!!!!

  7. Kovan says
    26 Apr 11, 1:52am
  8. 28 Apr 11, 11:18am

    shit go hard…im glad she back…think she gonna shut Nicki up for a nice lil while..thats if Nicki try to diss

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