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Prada Woven T-Strap!


Prada Woven T-Strap!

these Prada  tee-strap shoes are serious contenders for that drool-worthy Spring 2011


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  1. KMonroe says
    12 Jan 11, 2:18am

    imma need to try these on…

  2. KHM says
    12 Jan 11, 3:06am

    Any Chick Is In These Are Going To Kill It

  3. SoDezzi says
    12 Jan 11, 4:13pm

    Very unique. I like those.

  4. Ineva says
    12 Jan 11, 10:35pm

    This remind me of when I used to wear the woven wedges. Cute

  5. JaeZee says
    13 Jan 11, 6:15pm


  6. tammara says
    31 Jan 11, 6:09pm

    I dont Like them !

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