Lets Get Remarried.

Liars! Jagged Edge said they couldn’t “take another heartbreak”, but here they are again. It’s time to renew the vows with the ‘Lets Get Married’ hit-men because this really is a remarkable remix. Following naming their last release after a track off their greatest album and Grammy winning ‘Jagged Little Thrill’ (‘The Remedy’), the boys from the ATL go one better, getting back in the studio with hit Usher and Mariah Carey producer Jermaine Dupri for something truly ‘So, So Def’. In this ‘Blueprint’ age of sequel albums in rap and R&B trying to reestablish a buzz, the band of brothers Jagged Edge, (who have nothing to do with a 1985, Jeff Bridges and Glenn Close Oscar winning movie) return in classic black and white, hallmark, nostalgia with ‘J.E. Heartbreak 2′, complete with ‘Remedy’ reminiscing ‘Jagged Little’ motorcycle jackets. The sequel L.P. to a multi-platinum, classic album from the salad days that laced us with ‘Promises’ and the ‘Keys To The Range’. An album that gave J.E. the keys to the game along with fellow Atlanta, Georgia quartet, 112. A new album that follows classics like ‘A Jagged Era’ and ‘Hard’. An album that also begins with actor and singer Tyrese Gibson talking about the state of R&B being “insecure” to camera flashing, Notorious ‘To Live And Die In L.A.’ B.I.G. style sampling openings. Tyrese and his Ginuwine and Tank, TGT supergroup may have come together and successfully brought real R&B back, but this Chris Brown, “ain’t loyal” club age that is a long way from the magic of Motown misses Teddy Riley guys like Blackstreet and the Boyz to Men like J.E. who bridged this gap to the modern day mainstream of urban music. With ‘Heartbreak 2′ the heartbeat is back too. And the beat goes on…

14 years after the original, this eighth wonder of an album from the four is a personal, passion project from producer Jermaine Dupri and this labour of love is the product of R&B’s heart and soul. Serving as a twin to its first album, just like brothers Bryan and Brandon Casey and their Quick and Wingo partners this ‘Heartbreak’ is now double decadence at its beautiful ballad finest. The first album may have been foremost with tracks like ‘Did She Say’, ‘He Cant Love You’, ‘What Ya Tryin’ To Do’ and ‘Girl Is Mine’ featuring Ja Rule, but the follow up is still formidable thanks to the fantastic fours songs and the hit making of Dupri and songwriter Bryan Michael-Cox. After offering us ‘Hope’ with the inspiration of their influence in the form of a buzz single and a black and white set of promo photos like their piano cover of the original-but taken to an airstrip-these boys are practically and literally taking off. As they sing “Hope she sees all this love that I’m filled with/All I wanna do is/Come up with this little plan/Put her hope back in a man” it’s clear they are on the right flightplan. After a traditional ‘J.E. Intro’ comes ‘Future’, a perfect opener that engages itself with ‘Lets Get Married’ and makes a vow for the rest of the album and lives. The guys then get ‘Familiar’ with the clubs, as the ‘Dance Floor’ kings cut a rug in celebration to one of their greatest album achievements. Things get even realer on deeper on ‘Things I Do For You’ a characteristic devotion and ‘Love Comes Down’ which rises towards these power players peak.

The relationship between men and women that have been the foundation of this group, genre and even globe continues on the candle holding revelation ‘It’s Been You’ that’s hot like fire and the ode to every Juliett, ‘Romeo’ that can be found singing up to the balcony from the backyard. Singing “I wanna be your superman in everything you know” they soar with heroic, poetic lyrics like, “Like a wave on a summer day heat/Beauty cant describe/The things that I see”. Where art thou? Where you at? These boys are back after the June-bug buzz that just seemed all too like a mid-Summers night dream. Their fans wishes have come true this fall however. Still it’s not all peaches and cream for the only group out of the urban music scene in Atlanta (see Ludacris, T.I. and more kings of the south) that can hold room with 112. On ‘Getting Over You’ the boys move to the break-up ballad, lamenting a lost love that will stay with them for the rest of their lives like that one that got away for better or worse. Then the real ‘Ready’ is the remedy for raw tears. This all come to a crestfallen crescendo of classic couplets with the cool closers ‘Make It Clear’ and the confirmed ‘No Half-Steppin” as these Jagged boys get their Big Daddy Kane on as these smooth operators set it off with another victory. Time to throw the confetti and get this album ready for the favourites catalogue to have and to hold. R&B isn’t dearly departed yet. So long as the ‘Lets Get Married’ heartbreakers are in harmonious matrimony with music. The definitive act of last decade may not be getting any younger but they’re still doing it. So meet them at the altar in your white dress because they have more wedding songs for you and yours. Award proof, you think this is dedicated enough for another walk down the aisle? I do! TIM DAVID HARVEY.

Calvin Harris (@CalvinHarris) Feat Big Sean (@BigSean) – Open Wide

Producer & DJ Calvin Harris world premiers  his new single called Wide Open, featuring Big Sean. Calvin’s new album drops on November 4th.

Fast & Furious 7 Restrospective – The Road to Fast & Furious


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Tyga (@Tyga) – Make It Work

Make It Work

Tyga decides to unleash a brand new track called Make It Work. Tyga is working on three new projects, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, mixtape Black Thoughts 3, and his collaborative album with Chris Brown, Fan of a Fan.

Big Gipp, Roscoe Dash, DJ Scream and More Joined Scotty ATL to Make Atlanta History at his Official Mixtape Release Party

On October 20th, 2014, Atlanta’s own rap sensation, Scotty ATL, took the city by storm with his anticipated mixtape release party for ‘Spaghetti Junction’. The event which was held at The Department Store, a club located in the heart of Atlanta’s thriving creative scene, was a special edition of their pre- existing Monday Night party; The Playlist Party, hosted by renown music journalist, Maurice Garland. As guests walked up to the entrance, they were greeted by local pop artist, King Pop, who was painting the cover art for the mixtape, right out front.

Spaghetti was certainly the theme for the night, as guests dined on a spaghetti dinner provided by Chef Marlo and his team over at Cravings Express. If that wasn’t enough, Scotty made sure to add some “ATL flair” to his party, by having a gold grill station set up for guests to receive gold grill molds provided by ATown Grillz. The crowd started to scream “Scotty! Scotty!” as he walked inside the building, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. As attendees continued to mix and mingle and enjoy the music, Maurice then made the announcement for everyone to make their way upstairs for the main event. The room flooded with fans and influencers wanting to hear what Spaghetti Junction had to offer. Maurice and Scotty had an intimate one on one sit down, (Scotty sitting in his famous ‘throne’), discussing the project, how Dungeon Family has passed him the torch and what his music will not only bring to the city of Atlanta but also to the rap community.

Scotty then asked DJ Scream, who played a major role with this project, to join him on stage in starting the show. As Scotty began to rock the stage, performing his full track-list, artists like Roscoe Dash and Goodie Mobb’s own Big Gipp joined him on stage to show their support. Gipp, who recently collabed with Scotty for the mixtape, joined Scotty to perform their song “Anotha Day Anotha Dolla” that got the crowd even more hype. As the performance came to a close, Scotty thanked each and every person that came out to show their love for not only him, but for a mixtape that truly holds classic music. “Everybody wants to be famous, nobody wants to be great. We brought the whole city out because I am striving to be great; not some gimmick. When you download and listen to each track on my mixtape, you will see why I say I am making Atlanta proud,” Scotty ATL stated.
Notables in attendance included: Atlanta’s own Slimm Calhoun, famed production duo Rock City, Taylor Gang’s Tuki Carter and DJ GQ, Princess of Crime Mobb. DJ Burn One, DJ Princess Cut, DJ Speaker Foxx, DJ X-Rated, DJ Mike Mars, Janee Bolden (Editor-in-Chief of Bossip), rap artist Go Dreamer, Osose of Fly Kix Atlanta, Jazzy McBee and Bria Janelle of Atlanta’s Hip Hop station Streetz 94.5, Tahira Joy (of The Cut Life) and a host of others.



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