Mary J. Blige (@maryjblige) – Doubt

Mary J. Blige is back with the drop of her official music video for Doubt, off her latest album titled The London Sessions.

Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Kickoff Press Conference

With the biggest fight in the history Mayweather and Pacquiao finally worked out their differences and agreed on terms to make it happen for fans and for this generation of boxing.

Freddie Roach on the fight: “We are in for the biggest challenge ever. Fighting the best fighter ever & we’re going to kick his ass.

Manny Pacquiao during his time at the podium “The fight is on & we are very excited. We are in hard training & we’ll do our best on May 2 to make you happy.

Floyd Mayweather during his speech “May 2nd. The fight of the century. It’s all about the best facing the best. We couldn’t choose a better time. This is a fight the world can’t miss. Unbelievable matchup. Action packed fight. I am in the gym pushing myself to the limit, bc I’ve never wanted to win so bad. One thing I do know, when you lose, it is always in your mind.


@Global14TheCut Special Guest @hollyhoodbaybay @mp3waxx

DJ Bay Bay Will Be Joining Us Live To Premiere The Latest Single “Right Now,” Which Features Kevin Gates, Kirko Bangz, & Ant Bankz!  When The Music Industry Heavyhitter Isn’t Producing Records, Entertaining, Or Hosting His Show On K104 Dallas, You Can Often Find Him Engaged In Some Form Of Work.  Having Progressed His Career Within The DJ Realm, Bay Bay Often Shows His Support By Reaching Out To DJ Coalitions, And Encouraging Them To Sow Good Deeds Along The Way.  Many Know Of His Told Story, But Tonight We Capture Influential Pieces That Enabled The Shreveport Native To Reach The Source Power 30 And Beyond.  Don’t Miss!

To Listen or Participate Dial 760-913-4119 or Access The Link or Provided Below:

@hollyhoodbaybay @mp3waxx
9pm EST 8pm CST 6pm PST

@Global14theCut Special Guest @Bhuntleyfilm @Nethemovement1

Tonight We Introduce You To An Independent And Aspiring Filmmaker From The Atlanta Area.  When Taking An Initiative Goes Right, You Just Might Find Yourself Like Company Bobby Huntley Films, Whom Released A Trailer In Hopes To Land An Opportunity.  Directing A New Edition Biopic!  Since It’s Release, It Has Peeked The Interest Of Celebrities Such as Jermaine Dupri, Questlove, & Many Renowned Bloggers.  Fans Nationwide Are Already Anticipating The Film And Have Asked The Award Winning Group To Take Notice.  Tune In To Hear More About Where The Biopic Stands, Other Projects & The Visionary Himself, Bobby Huntley!

To Listen or Participate Dial 760-913-4119 or Access The Link or Provided Below:

@bhuntleyfilm @nethemovement1
8pm EST 7pm CST 5pm PST

Next Wednesday!! backkk in ‪#‎Dubai‬ for an unforgettable ‪#‎Rosay‬ night at the @cavalliclubdxb

Meet the 10-year-old maths genius who’s just enrolled at college

(CNN)At first glance Esther Okade seems like a normal 10-year-old. She loves dressing up as Elsa from “Frozen,” playing with Barbie dolls and going to the park or shopping.

But what makes the British-Nigerian youngster stand out is the fact that she’s also a university undergraduate.

Esther, from Walsall, an industrial town in the UK’s West Midlands region, is one of the country’s youngest college freshmen.

The talented 10-year-old enrolled at the Open University, a UK-based distance learning college, in January and is already top of the class, having recently scored 100% in a recent exam.

“It’s so interesting. It has the type of maths I love. It’s real maths — theories, complex numbers, all that type of stuff,” she giggles. “It was super easy. My mum taught me in a nice way.”

She adds: “I want to (finish the course) in two years. Then I’m going to do my PhD in financial maths when I’m 13. I want to have my own bank by the time I’m 15 because I like numbers and I like people and banking is a great way to help people.”

And in case people think her parents have pushed her into starting university early, Esther emphatically disagrees.

“I actually wanted to start when I was seven. But my mum was like, “you’re too young, calm down.” After three years of begging, mother Efe finally agreed to explore the idea.

A marvelous mathematical mind

Esther has always jumped ahead of her peers. She sat her first Math GSCE exam, a British high school qualification, at Ounsdale High School in Wolverhampton at just six, where she received a C-grade. A year later, she outdid herself and got the A-grade she wanted. Then last year she scored a B-grade when she sat the Math A-level exam.

Esther’s mother noticed her daughter’s flair for figures shortly after she began homeschooling her at the age of three. Initially, Esther’s parents had enrolled her in a private school but after a few short weeks, the pair began noticing changes in the usually-vibrant youngster.

Efe says: “One day we were coming back home and she burst out in tears and she said ‘I don’t ever want to go back to that school — they don’t even let me talk!’

“In the UK, you don’t have to start school until you are five. Education is not compulsory until that age so I thought OK, we’ll be doing little things at home until then. Maybe by the time she’s five she will change her mind.”

Efe started by teaching basic number skills but Esther was miles ahead. By four, her natural aptitude for maths had seen the eager student move on to algebra and quadratic equations.

And Esther isn’t the only maths prodigy in the family. Her younger brother Isaiah, 6, will soon be sitting his first A-level exam in June.

A philanthropic family

Not content with breaking barriers to attend college at just 10 years old, Esther is also writing a series of math workbooks for children called “Yummy Yummy Algebra.”

“It starts at a beginner level — that’s volume one. But then there will be volume two, and volume three, and then volume four. But I’ve only written the first one.

“As long as you can add or subtract, you’ll be able to do it. I want to show other children they are special,” she says.

Meanwhile, Esther’s parents are also trying to trail blaze their own educational journey back in Nigeria.

The couple have set up a foundation and are in the process of building a nursery and primary school in Nigeria’s Delta region (where the family are from). Named “Shakespeare’s Academy,” they hope to open the school’s doors in September.

The proposed curriculum will have all the usual subjects such as English, languages, math and science, as well as more unconventional additions including morality and ethics, public speaking, entrepreneurship and etiquette. The couple say they want to emulate the teaching methods that worked for their children rather than focus on one way of learning.

“Some children learn very well with kinesthetics where they learn with their hands — when they draw they remember things. Some children have extremely creative imaginations. Instead of trying to make children learn one way, you teach them based on their learning style,” explains Efe.

The educational facility will have a capacity of 2,000 to 2,500 students with up to 30% of students being local children offered scholarships to attend.

Efe says: “On one hand, billions of dollars worth of crude oil is pumped out from that region on a monthly basis and yet the poverty rate of the indigenous community is astronomical.”

While Paul adds: “(The region has) poor quality of nursery and primary education. So by the time the children get secondary education they haven’t got a clue. They haven’t developed their core skills.

“The school is designed to give children an aim so they can study for something, not just for the sake of acquiring certifications. There is an end goal.”

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