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“It is not enough to have a good mind or great talents; the main thing is to use it well.”
-Rene Descartes

2014 Mercedes S-Class


Merc’s grandest four-door gets a big update with a brand new S-Class for the 2014 model year. New to the S-Class is a pair of 12.3 screens that display the instrument cluster and infotainment, an interior dripping in LEDs (300 to be exact), and they’ve even created an LED brake light system that dims at night so its not beaming a beacon of red light into the driver behind you. Other bleeding edge features include “Magic Body Control” that uses stereo cameras to read the road and adjust the suspension accordingly, a comprehensive front and rear seat massage system, an “Air Balance” package that filters the air pumps your choice of five scents into the cabin, and improved versions of the company’s Driver Assist programs. The car will launch this fall with a V8-powered, 449 hp S550 model and a S550 4Matic to follow in the months after. Mercedes


So excited today cause @grafilthy_art is doing my wall here at the studio,y’all know I love graffiti,this shit stupid!!!! @sosodef @global14 #southsidestudio

Gran Turismo 6 Trailer

“The Real Driving Simulator” sees its sixth iteration and also its 15th Anniversary of one of, if not the best driving game on the planet, Gran Turismo. Set for release at the end of the year for PS3, Polyphony looks to has squeezed every little bit of power to create the shiniest version of GT yet with stunning locales, new cars, and the excruciating amount of detail and depth that the series is known for. Gran Turismo

Porsche 918 Spyder



Porsche has let loose more official details on the long awaited 918 Spyder and its impressive Hybrid drive system. The car uses technology taken straight from their racing division including a monocoque load-bearing structure made of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer for stiffness and it contributes to the car’s speedy, athletic build. The car will feature five driving modes from a purely electric “E-Power” mode that’ll get you up to 18 miles on a battery power alone to Race Hybrid mode that unleashes the full performance potential of the 918. All that power comes from a 4.6L, 608 hp V8 and a hybrid module that contains a 115 kW electric motor. Other details include a plug-in charging system, a new cockpit design that features a multi-touch control panel, and a optional Weissach performance package that adds special colorways and designs based on historic Porsche race cars and visible carbon components, magnesium wheels, an optional film-coating instead of paint, six-point seat belts, and a reduction in gross weight. Porsche

KTAG ‘Badass’ Cropped Tee


Badass tee
The ‘Badass’ cropped tee, just launched in three colors here.