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Chill Of TLC (@officialchilli) Host 2nd Annul Summer Camp By Beachbody

Chilli of TLC joins forces with fitness empire to boost girls self-esteem and body image.  5-time Grammy Award winning singer/dancer/actor Chilli better known as one third of super girl group TLC and her foundation “Chilli’s Crew” is hosting its 2nd annual summer camp for teen girls August 1-4, 2013. The 4-day/ 3-night camp will take place in the founder’s hometown of Atlanta, GA.
Chilli has partnered her foundation with celebrity and community mentors to conduct workshops and fun activities to enhance the teen girls’ self-esteem and body image. The 2nd annual Chilli’s Crew summer camp will feature many special guests, to share and reflect upon their expertise and experiences in their respected industries, which will be used as a source of encouragement for the young ladies.
Health and fitness pioneer, is sponsoring the event and supporting Chilli’s objective of teaching the girls proper nutrition and exercise in order for them to lead healthy lifestyles.
The lucky participants can expect to learn about healthy body image and self- esteem plus beauty, fashion, entertainment and more.
“I’m very excited about this year’s Chilli’s Crew Camp,” says Chilli. “I can’t wait to see some of my girls from last year and meet new ones. We had soooo much fun last year and this year is going to be even bigger! I want the girls to have fun and learn the importance of loving themselves from the inside out.”
2012 marked the first year of what will now be an annual event for Chilli’s Crew. The   3-day camp was a huge success that drew girls from all different walks of life. Mentors including legendary hip-hop artist MC Lyte and celebrity OB/GYN Dr. Tosha Rogers, conducted workshops on the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, becoming successful businesswomen and nurturing and caring for their developing bodies.
“Beachbody’s Core Purpose is to help people achieve their goals and lead healthy fulfilling lives, so Chilli’s event is a natural for us to sponsor and support,” says Carl Daikeler, CEO of Beachbody. “And since I have a 13 year-old daughter, I totally understand the importance of educating young women at this age so they grow up with self confidence and a healthy body image.”
The 2013 Chilli’s Crew Summer Camp is now accepting applications from girls ages 13 to 17. In order to be selected to be a part of this year’s camp, girls must submit an essay answering one of three questions relating to self-esteem and body image. The essay questions and more information can be found on
For more information on Chilli’s Crew, please contact Ashley Clark, [email protected].
To submit your application and essay, please contact [email protected].
ABOUT CHILLI’S CREW: Chilli’s Crew is an Atlanta based community initiative program dedicated to assisting young ladies between the ages of 13-17.  Founded by Chilli, one-third of music sensation TLC, Chilli’s Crew has made it a priority to providing young ladies with the necessary resources to developing and maintaining a positive self-esteem and self-respect for themselves through empowerment and mentoring skills. Chilli’s Crew commits itself to teaching young ladies how to explore and appreciate their individual beauty and how to love themselves from the inside out.
ABOUT BEACHBODY, LLC: Founded in 1998 by Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon, Beachbody, LLC, operates and The Santa Monica, California-based company is the creator of the nation’s most popular fitness and weight loss solutions including P90X®, INSANITY®, Brazil Butt Lift®, Slim in 6®, Turbo Jam®, Hip Hop Abs®, and Power 90® among many others. Beachbody® programs combine challenging DVD-based workouts with easy-to-follow diet guidelines, nutritional supplements (including its breakthrough health shake called Shakeology®, (AKA “The Healthiest Meal of the Day®”) and the clinically proven 21-day cleanse known as the Ultimate Reset®, and an unparalleled customer service and peer-support system. In fact, Beachbody has expanded this support system through, which includes a network of thousands of independent “Coach” distributors as well as a dynamic online support and fitness community. The company’s expansion into the beauty category includes the popular Derm Exclusive® brand which provides a healthy alternative to in-office anti-aging procedures. The corporate mission is to help people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives.

Where Teens Go Instead of Facebook (and Why You Should Too)

Stop chasing the numbers…focus on your art- Jermaine Dupri

Remember a few years back, when teenagers left MySpace in droves for this new thing called Facebook? Grown-ups soon followed suit (not that they were ever much on MySpace), and joined Facebook by the hundreds of millions – which made it far less cool for their kids. So where on the Web are teens going now, and what can you learn from them?

A recent study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 94% of American teens still have a Facebook account, but they’re using it less, and using it more carefully. More than half have tightened down their privacy settings and regularly delete or edit previous posts.

But even with tightened privacy settings, teens have realized that Facebook is more like a family picnic than the private party they want it to be. They still share photos and use Facebook messaging, but they are increasingly turning to newer social networks to fill the function of traditional status updates. So which sites are they using – and why?


While teens do seem to understand privacy much better now than in the early days of social media, they still have a desire to put themselves out there in a public way. And that’s where microblogs like Tumblr and Pheed come in. The culture that has evolved on these sites is more slanted to creative self-expression than Facebook’s life-casting (telling all the mundane details of your day).  Both are deeply skewed towards mobile use, and there are tons of clever and thematic blogs, think Texts from Hillary or Reasons My Son is Crying.Neither are particularly teen-oriented, but there are clear differences in style and content between a Tumblr and a Facebook feed.

Twitter saw a doubling of teen users last year. And young people use it more publicly than they do Facebook; while teens with Facebook accounts typically keep their postings private, visible only to their friends, only 24% report keeping their tweets private. Since Twitter feels more instant than Facebook, it’s a good one to consider if your musings are topical and timely.

Increasingly, the hot sites among the younger set create private networks, ones that automatically restrict who can see your updates, like Path, which limits your friend list to 150 people.This built-in privacy makes everything feel more personal – though if you have 151 real-world friends, you’ll just have to choose.

Image Sharing

Instagram is pretty good for photo sharing, especially if you like using their funky filters. Teens thought that it great, until mom and dad showed up there, too.

So then came Snapchat, a way to send pics that self-destruct after being viewed. Except that assuming what you send will really disappear is fraught with peril, since the recipient can grab a permanent screen shot of a picture before its deleted. Still, Snapchat is hot – to the tune of 150 million snaps a day – for good reason: it is a fun way to share casual, goofy pics that aren’t meant to signify deep meaning in your life. Just remember that, as with anything you post digitally, “deleting” may not really mean it can’t come back to haunt you.

Trailer: Ice-T Presents: Iceberg Slim: Portrait of a Pimp


An Ice-T produced documentary that tells the life of Iceberg Slim, a legendary Chicago pimp. Through the likes of Ice-T, Snoop Dogg, Henry Rollins, Chris Rock, Quincy Jones we get a depiction of how Slim ushered his way from pimp to author, writing 7 groundbreaking books that described life in the ghetto unlike how it had previously been scribed. His poetic detail and honesty about this lifestyle has made him a cultural icon.

Steve Jobs Ponders His Legacy In Never-Before-Seen Interview


Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur is a 60-minute documentary built around a 20-minute interview of Steve Jobs in 1994 that was conducted by the Silicon Valley Historical Association. Steve Jobs was asked to give advice to young entrepreneurs who wanted to go out and start their own businesses. He talks about risk and the willingness to fail, the role of building illegal blue boxes prior to founding Apple Computer, and his philosophy on how to approach life. EverySteveJobsVideo today released this never-before-seen clip of Steve Jobs while he was at NeXT, pondering his legacy and whether he thought he would be remembered for his work in the future. Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur is available here.

Die Antwoord (@DieAntwoord) – Cookie Thumper

Die Antwoord is back with their latest visual for Cookie Thumper directed by lead vocalist Ninja.

Miranda Kerr Covers ‘Vogue Korea’ July 2013


Miranda Kerr has been appearing in the nude quite often… and we’re not complaining.