QRTies: Old School Style And New School Technology Meet Around Your Neck


What happens when you take a classic albeit boring piece of the male wardrobe and add new technology? You get the QRTie, a classic not-too-wide, not-too-skinny tie with a unique QR code printed on the back. The possibilities here can embrace both business and pleasure. Wear one for business meetings and direct the code to your business website, or wear it by night and direct the profile to your personal profile. The code can be directed and redirected through the QRTie website. The ties are available in six classic patterns named for icons from Cary Grant to Vincent Price.

Want yours? The QRTie is currently involved in a Kickstarter campaign. The idea was conceived by an eclectic crew of Angelenos with ties to the technology culture in Los Angeles. They plan to keep production local and have set a goal of $40,000 to raise enough funding to create 1,000 ties. Just $25 gets you in on the action with a chance to have your own QRTie once funding is achieved.

Gold HTC One Marks The 18th Anniversary Of The MOBO Awards

HTC introduces an exclusive golden smartphone, targeting a certain category of people, willing to spend a fortune on a tech device. The brand new Gold HTC One is a 18K gold bling-bling gadget, being practically the most expensive HTC phone ever produced.

This golden version marks the 18th anniversary of the MOBO Awards (Music of Black Origin).To make the event memorable for both, the public and participants, one of the five exclusive golden handsets made in a partnership with Goldgenie is already reserved for the winner of Best Newcomer category. Since the winners are usually rewarded with gold discs, the headline sponsor (HTC) thought of acknowledging the winner’s talent through something of major significance but somehow, adapted to the times we’re living (a golden smartphone). Phil Blair, president of HTC Europe, Middle East, and Africa states that he is absolutely sure that the winner will love his/her exclusive phone.

“To achieve this luxury look, the zero gap unibody of the HTC One on the front and back is plated in 18ct gold. It is polished to give a sophisticated finish and a special MOBO 18 logo is laser etched on the rear of the device. These elements come together to create the ultimate recognition for the prestigious music awards show.” The stylish Gold HTC One comes with a whooping price too: $ 4,422.

Apple to unveil next generation iPad on Oct. 22

Apple has set October 22 as the day to unveil the fifth generation iPad. The updated iPad is expected to be thinner, lighter and sport an improved camera. But it’s the innards that will likely set tongues wagging.

The new iPad will feature the new 64-bit A7 chip. The iPad has been making inroads into the corporate environment, but the new chip is expected to spur more enterprise App development. This means that the iPad will be setting its sights on replacing not just laptops, but desktops, in the corporate world.

One item that you could see included in the new iPad is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that is part of the new iPhone 5S.

At the October 22 event, the new Mac Pro and the OS X Mavericks should get some stage time as well as the iPad.

While no release date is available, expect the new iPad to be available by mid-November so Apple can take advantage of the holiday buying season.


Quinn Popcorn ($15) is a different kind of microwavable popcorn. The bag is made of nothing but paper (it contains none of the usual chemical coatings), the corn is organic, and the oil and seasonings are all natural, and full of omega-3s. Flavors include parmesan and rosemary, Vermont maple and sea salt, butter and sea salt, hickory smoked cheddar, olive oil and herbs, and lemon and sea salt. Each order comes with three boxes, and two bags in each box.

Stussy x Schott Fall/Winter Aviator Jacket


Image of Stussy x Schott 2013 Fall/Winter Aviator Jacket

tussy and iconic New York-based leather crafter Schott have joined forces once again, this time for a sage green aviator jacket due out this fall. Building upon the collaborative 100-year anniversary collection that dropped earlier this year, the new jacket – based on the military’s timeless MA-1 – comes complete with a sage green nylon exterior, bright orange interior and faux squadron patches throughout. The Stussy x Schott Aviator Jacket for Fall/Winter 2013 is set to hit Stussy’s Japanese chapters this Saturday, October 12


Rick Ross (@rickyrozay) Mastermind Will Be Released December 17th


Rick Ross has announced that he will be dropping his sixth album called Mastermind on December 17th. His current single  out right now is No Games featuring Future.