HTC Hoping to Make Another Big Impression With One Mini

For HTC, a company that has struggled to keep up in the competitive smartphone market, the launch of its One handset was a biggie. But for its next product launch, the company is going small — literally.


Today, the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer introduced the HTC One Mini, a scaled down and more affordable version of its flagship device.

Launching in August or September, the One Mini keeps to the same design aesthetics as the HTC One — aluminum chassis and dual speakers — but features a smaller 4.3-inch 720p HD touchscreen and a 1.4GHz dual-core processor. (The One has a 4.7-inch 1080p HD touchscreen and a 1.7GHz quad-core processor.)

It also lacks the infrared feature that allows you to use the smartphone as a remote control, and has a smaller battery than the original HTC One.

These modifications aside, the One Mini keeps many of the same features as its bigger brother, including HTC’s Ultrapixel camera technology and software and BlinkFeed, an interface that lets you view all your social network updates and news right on your home page.

Mike Woodward, president of HTC North America, said customers have been asking for a smaller version of the HTC One since it launched in late April.

According to Woodward, the One has been HTC’s most successful product launch to date, though he wouldn’t provide any sales numbers to back that up. (According to The Wall Street Journal, an unnamed HTC rep said it had sold 5 million HTC Ones since launch.)

Woodward credited some of the One’s success to the scale of the phone’s launch (it’s available in 181 countries and on 583 networks around the world), and some to the company’s efforts to promote the One and its premium features.

“We’re really pleased with the reaction from customers and the tech reviewers,” Woodward said in a phone interview with AllThingsD. “Now that we’ve created the best product that we can, we think it’s appropriate to expand with a family of devices.”


Creating an entire portfolio of products under one name certainly isn’t new. Samsung, for example, offers a wide range of products under its Galaxy brand, including ruggedized smartphones and connected cameras.

But having already been in a situation where it offered a huge number of products and had to scale back as the competition got fiercer, HTC wants to focus on quality, not quantity.

When I asked if HTC was considering creating a bigger version of the One, Woodward said, “We want to be really focused. We’ve been studying those opportunities [to expand] but whatever we do, we want to make sure it stays true to the HTC One, and we think the Mini does that.”

While the One Mini might be welcome news for some folks, Verizon customers are still waiting to get their hands on the One. As first reported by Ina Fried, Verizon will get its own version of the high-end Android device, but it has yet to hit store shelves. Woodward didn’t have any updates other than to say that it’s still slated to be released later this summer.

Release dates and pricing for the HTC One Mini will be announced closer to launch, but the phone will cost less than the HTC One.

Naya Rivera On Complex Magazine

Glee actress Naya Rivera will grace the latest issue of Complex Magazine. The 26-year-old stars in a sexy new photo shoot playing a game of strip poker against herself for Complex magazine.

Bill Cosby: Race shouldn’t be discussed in the Zimmerman case

In so far as Zimmerman’s acquittal goes, comedy legend Bill Cosby says he’s perfectly willing to discuss guns, the prosecution of the case, and the media’s coverage, but what he refuses to discuss is race.

While giving an interview with “DomNnate Radio Show,” Cosby said race should be taken off the table as a topic for discussion.

“This racial stuff goes into a whole bunch of discussion which has stuff that you can’t prove,” Cosby said in an interview Tuesday. “You can’t prove somebody is a racist unless they really come out and do the act and is found to be that.”

Cosby seemingly dismisses Zimmerman’s history of calling 9-1-1 to report mostly suspicious black males.

Cosby goes on to say that “the prosecution did not tell the story well, and they lost.”

According to Cosby, guns play a role in how people react to others.

“I know if you have a gun, it changes your whole feeling about what you can tell people, about how people better do what you say,” Cosby said. “Your mind can turn in such a way that you have a sense of control.”

In addition to the Zimmerman trial, Cosby also commented on the Casey Anthony trial, saying the media was too quick to declare her guilty.

“I found the media were jumping and had this woman guilty,” Cosby said. “I will never pay attention to information given to me by TV, radio or whatever about a high-profile case until the jury says what it says.”

Do you agree with Bill?



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DJ Clark Kent (@DJClarkKent) x Nike Zoom Revis 112


djclarkkent zoom revis 112 3 DJ Clark Kent x Nike Zoom Revis 112

Clarks’ “112″ recipe has produced delicious dish after dish since it was first cooked up back in 2009. The “112″ gets realized once again in Darrelle Revis’ Nike Zoom Revis, which impeccably allocates the elephant print, reflective silver, and Volt accents for another banger of a sneaker. Of course, like the previous “112″ joints, these are probably a Friends-and-Family joint meaning you can look and not touch.

djclarkkent zoom revis 112 6 DJ Clark Kent x Nike Zoom Revis 112



PLAYHOUSE Nightclub Celebrated 4 Years with Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri

Hollywood’s nightclub destination PLAYHOUSE celebrates a strong 4 years las Saturday. Kicking off the venture in 2009, it was described as Los Angeles’ first Vegas-style nightclub with the attraction of word renowned DJ’s, performers and celebrities. Having all sorts of celebrities ranging from Tiësto, Lil’ Wayne to David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio plus a load more rolling through. With a big party at hand last Saturday for the anniversary, PLAYHOUSE was accompanied by two music stars, Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri who ripped the club up with the hottest L.A. Women. If you’re in Hollywood, don’t miss out!

“Reporting live from Playhouse in LA, Club is crazy… LA Women live the Prince.” – Bow Wow’s Tweet.

by localdistribution