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Rock Floyd – Changes (Piano Mix) by Mike Kalombo

16-Year-Old Girl Created a Beat for Jay-Z’s New Album


Canadian teen Ebony Oshunrinde, who aptly goes by the moniker WondaGirl in the studio, has just finished the 11th grade. She’s also just been credited as a producer on “Crown,” a track on Jay-Z’s new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail.”

Her story is insanely inspiring and impressive: after watching a video of Jay-Z and Timbaland working in the studio together at age 9, she began to download music software and teach herself how to use it by watching YouTube tutorials. “I wanted to do the exact same thing that [Jay-Z] did,” she recently told the Star. When she was 14, she made it to the quarter-finals of Toronto’s Battle of the Beatmakers. (FOURTEEN. I didn’t even know how to make a grilled cheese when I was 14.) She won the title the following year, because she is incredible, and went on to sign an exclusive management deal with Black Box.

According to Ian Stanger, a representative with Black Box, “It’s amazing to see somebody with that much talent working as hard as she can to make the most of it at such a young age. It’s her work that people should be paying attention to, not the fact that’s she 16.”

And her work is exactly what people have started to pay attention to. Earlier this year, Oshunrinde sent the beat to her friend Travis Scott, a young rapper and producer. He happened to be in the studio with Jay-Z when he received it — and when he told her that the cut had made it to the album, she thought he was joking.

“Usually that kind of thing doesn’t happen to 16-year-olds,” she explains. No, Ebony, it usually does not.

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Mariah Carey (@MariahCarey) Performs at Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks

At the Macy’s show, Carey sang renditions of “America the Beautiful” and “#Beautiful” with Miguel that left some of her critics still uncertain if she was singing completely life or if the footage was dubbed. Yet, when she stepped to the mic to belt “Hero” as a flawless tribute to American heroes, there was no doubt in any logical thinking person’s mind that she was in fine form.

Other performers who hit the stage at the annual Macy’s event included Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Cher

Beautiful (Ft. Miguel)



Kate Moss To Unveil Tech Accessories

Kate Moss has inked a deal with the Carphone Warehouse to design a range of fashionable smartphone and tablet accessories.

Kate Moss To Unveil Tech AccessoriesSet to drop later this summer, Kate Moss has designed an accessories collection with U.K. phone retailer Carphone Warehouse.

Thirty-nine-year-old Moss will present two collections every year designed to work with a range of smartphones and other high-tech gadgets. It might seem a funny move for a high-fashion star like Moss, who has just starred in the latest Versace advertising campaign, but fashion and tech are continuing to converge:

“My phone’s as much a part of my look as my bag or shoes, and yet there’s so little choice out there,” explained Moss. “My whole approach was to treat this as any other fashion collaboration; I was heavily involved in the design process and loved seeing my vision come to life in the final product. From the quality of materials to design, I wanted the best for my range that reflected my personal style,” added the model.

More than 14 million mobile accessories were sold in the U.K. last year, and the market is now worth around $337 million in total. Sixty-four percent of women in the country own a smartphone with 1 in 4 women going on to buy at least one accessory for their mobile.

Carphone Warehouse is joining a major trend with the fashionable collaboration. Luxury brands like Mulberry and Gucci have had particular success with their leather accessories and iPad covers which are often spotted outside fashion shows.

Ferrari 458 Italia by Vorsteiner

Automotive tuning company Vorsteiner announces its latest package for the Ferrari 458 Italia. Inspired by the performance-oriented efficiency of the vehicle, Vorsteiner’s design and development team create the perfect tuning package that compliments the purity, simplicity, and technology of the 458 Italia, dubbed the 458-V. At the nose of the Ferrari, they start with an add-on front spoiler that sculpts to the contours of the vehicle. The reason behind this design is to assist in directing air into the engine’s radiator located in the front end of the vehicle. This carbon fiber component assures that it is produced to have superior strength and durability in a lightweight part that improves performance. The design of the front spoiler is to have a profile that is practical for everyday use and enhance the performance of the vehicle. To balance the front end, they developed a rear decklid spoiler to be a lightweight non-obtrusive way to match the front end. Also included is a carbon fiber rear diffuser and forged aluminum monoblock wheels. Further information can be found here.