Skrillex Becomes Latest Musician To Be Sued For Copyright Infringement



U.S. musician, Skrillex, has become the latest musician to be accused of copyright infringement after a lawsuit was filed against the star claiming that his track, Kill Everybody, features an unauthorized sample.

Skrillex, who denies all claims of plagiariasm, joins Robin Thicke who has been taken to court for copyright infringement on two of his tracks by the family the late Marvin Gaye.

The suit against Skrillex is being brought by 28 year old graphic designer, Ted Williams, from Austin, Texas who claims that Skrillex “knowingly used material that had originally been produced by the claimant” and made monetary gain by passing off that material as his own.

“All the material on my albums or EPs is produced by myself, or in collaboration, or legally sampled,” claimed Skrillex. “This lawsuit is preposterous and I will be doing everything in my power to clear my name.”

Mr. Williams who is also suing Sony Computer Entertainment for their use of the Skrillex track on promotional material for the videogame, Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, claims that he made the sound that Skrillex illegally sampled after recording the noise of his own flatulence for 5 full minutes.

“A few years ago I was afflicted with a strange intestinal problem which caused me to be constipated for 14 months,” explained Mr. Williams. “I was suffering from aches and cramps but couldn’t make a bowel movement, even with the help of strong laxatives and gentle anal fingering.”

“I was so depressed because of the constipation,” recounted an upset Mr. Williams. “I tried everything to make myself pass a stool. I tried forcing really hard but almost burst a blood vessel in my face. I visited all kinds of doctors and even tried homeopathy because I was so desperate but nothing worked and I was stuck with this big ball of shit clogging my intestine.”

Eventually Mr. Williams was able to undertake a revolutionary procedure that allowed him to pass the 4 kilo bowel movement while only injuring his rectal cavity “about as much as you would if you allowed a pinecone to become lodged in your anus. Perhaps in a woodland themed sex game.”

“It was such a relief when I got the news about the procedure,” recounted Mr. Williams. “All I’d have to do is take some tablets that would dissolve the feces in my intestines and turn it into a gas. Because I was so relieved and in high spirits about being cured I decided to jokingly record the sound that came out of my ass when the poo was transformed into a gas. That’s the sound that Skrillex stole from me.”

Dr. Paul Curtis, who treated Mr. Williams, claims that he’d never before heard someone fart so vigorously. “It was the sort of sound you’d expect a squelchy whoopee cushion the size of a small house to make. By far the strangest sound I’ve ever heard,” claimed the stunned doctor. “I didn’t expect it to go on for so long either. You could actually see the aperture of his anus billowing as the air passed through. It looked like Victoria Beckham talking.”

Mr. Williams claims that he recorded the amazing 5 minute long fart and posted it to his Facebook page. “It went massively viral. I was something of a celebrity, people were calling me Fart Simpson and shaking my hand as I walked down the street. Some people even asked for signed pictures of my ass,” laughed Mr. Williams. “It was so popular that Skrillex obviously heard it online, loved it, and decided to use it on his track. But I created that sound with my own anus and if anyone should profit from it being packaged as music then it’s me.”

Reverend Al Sharpton calls to boycott Kanye West

The National Action Network of Los Angeles, a leading national civil rights group founded by Rev. Al Sharpton calls for a national boycott of hip hop superstar Kanye West new clothing line featuring the confederate flag symbol.

Why? “Kanye West already has several pieces of merchandise from his Yeezus tour that are emblazoned with the controversial Southern Cross at his tour store in Los Angeles.

Our organization is determined to shut down that and any other store that decides to sell this merchandise. For African-Americans the confederate flag is symbolic of the hurt and pain of slavery in the South and the legacy it has left for those still living under those ideologies. When Kanye embraces and adorns this confederate flag, He also embraces the ignorance and racism that goes along with it.” I challenge Kanye West to create a clothing line of merchandise featuring swastikas if he’s sincere about his beliefs . But we all know Kanye doesn’t have the courage to do that. The Jewish community would run him out of town if he did and so should the African American community,” stated Najee Ali political director of the Los Angeles National Action Network.

“Kanye West selling jackets with the Confederate flag on them is a disgrace and embarrassment. many of our ancestors were brutalized, kidnapped , raped, and murdered during slavery under this flag. Its inexcusable for West to be promoting and merchandising this flag. Were determined to boycott and shut down any other stores that attempt to sell this merchandise, stated Rev K.W. Tulloss President National Action Network Los Angeles

The Rev. Al Sharpton: “The Confederate flag symbolizes dehumanization, injustice and pain. It is a stark reminder of an era in our history that was defined by the abhorrent practice of slavery. And it is representative of a mentality that looked upon blacks as inferiors who needed to remain in the shackles of subservience.”

Press Conference to Announce Boycott of Kanye West
Date: Tuesday November 5, 2013
Time: 2:00pm (Pacific)
Location: National Action Network:
2828 West Jefferson Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90016

Air Jordan 5 Ducks


ducks jordan 5 03 Air Jordan 5 Ducksducks jordan 5 02 570x570 Air Jordan 5 Ducks

The Oregon Ducks will arrive in Stanford in style this week, as they’ve now got the Air Jordan 5 “Ducks” pair at their disposal. The sneakers are the latest in a long line of Air Jordans tailored to match with their uniforms-this one continuing down the recent path of utilizing the likes of mascot

Rick Ross (@rickyrozay) Announces Two New Signings to MMG


Rick Ross has added two new artists to his Maybach Music Group label, adding D.C.-native Fat Trel, known for his close ties with now fellow labelmate Wale, then adding Atlanta rapper Tracy T. known for his latest single Same Bi**h” with Que produced Zaytoven.

Sampha (Sampha_) – Too Much

Snger-songwriter/producer Sampha decided to release a solo version of the Drake single called Too Much which he was featured on the hook.

Busta Rhymes (@BustaRhymes) featuring Q-Tip (@QtipTheAbstract), Kanye West (@KanyeWest) & Lil Wayne (@LilTunechi) – Thank You

Busta Rhymes unleashes his new single Thank You featuring Q-Tip, Lil Wayne and Kanye West. This will appear on Busta Rhymes upcoming album Extinction Level Event 2, coming soon.